Sources: the 7 amendments requested by the Venice Commission for Venice

Warnings from European officials about the Romanian judicial situation produce the first effects in Bucharest.

Minister Tudorel Toader announced that he had drafted an emergency ordinance that would change the three laws of justice, in accordance with the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

Immediately called to the report by Liviu Dragnea and Călin Popescu Tăriceanu, the Minister of Justice stressed that the regulation would not contain the amnesty and pardon theme demanded by some government leaders.

After his replies to Strasbourg and the Venice Commission, Tudorel Toader announced that he had sent an emergency regulation to the SCM to amend certain articles of the judicial laws.

Immediately he was summoned for a discussion by Liviu Dragnea and Călin Popescu Tăriceanu.

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Tudorel Toader, Minister of Justice: "I have informed, I do not tell you, I send it to the SCM."

In this context, the issue of an amnesty and pardon order has also been discussed, some of which have publicly acknowledged PSD and ALDE leaders that they want it quickly. The minister closed every hope, at least as evidenced by his statement after the meeting with Dragnea and Tariceanu.

Tudorel Toader, Minister of Justice: "It was not, it is not, it will not exist …"

However, political sources claim that leaders of the coalition do not give up the idea. In the first instance, they would ask the Constitutional Court to state that the protocols between the DVI and certain government agencies violate the fundamental law. If this happens, the same sources claim that an amnesty and pardon regulation will be questioned, or the possibility to review some files based on evidence obtained on the basis of those protocols.

Neither Liviu Dragnea nor Calin Popescu Tariceanu wanted to make statements after the meeting with Tudorel Toader.

Instead, Premier Viorica D

For the time being, he spoke about the fact that the government will take into account the recommendations of experts in the field of international law. After the performance yesterday, colleagues thought it necessary to applaud her.[ncilăavorbitpentrumomentdesprefaptulcăGuvernulvaţinecontderecomandărileexperţilorinternaţionaliîndreptDupăprestaţiadeiericolegiiausimţitnevoiasăoaplaude[ncilăavorbitpentrumomentdesprefaptulcăGuvernulvaţinecontderecomandărileexperţilorinternaţionaliîndreptDupăprestaţiadeiericolegiiausimţitnevoiasăoaplaude

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Viorica Dancilă, Prime Minister of Romania: "Romania will take into account recommendations."

The concerns of the Venice Commission about the negative consequences of law enforcement requests have been made public.

A first recommendation from international experts is to preserve the President of Romania and the SCM in the procedure to appoint and dismiss senior prosecutors.

Also the removal of the restriction of the freedom of expression of prosecutors and judges is another explicit request from the Venice Commission.

The abolition of the current regime for early retirement of magistrates is another recommendation to prevent the depopulation of Romanian courts.

The abandonment of the idea to set up a special department for investigating magistrates and to review the provisions on the appointment and removal of SCM members completes the seven recommendations of international experts.

Thursday, too, President Klaus Iohannis proclaimed the SCM Act, one of the three laws of justice. He warned, however, that the application of the new provisions could have adverse effects and he also called for a rapid amendment of the normative decisions in accordance with the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

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