SRI Head Eduard Hellvig: I have nothing to hide. We have already denounced all protocols in 2017

SRI head Eduard Hellvig made press reports about Friday's secret protocol, signed by the SRI with judicial institutions, only one day after Dacian Premier adviser Darius Vâlcov published a new secret protocol between the SRI and the public prosecutor's office.

SRI chief Eduard Hellvig spoke in a press statement about the protocols between the DVI and the judiciary, including the secret protocol of December 2016 that Darius Vâlcov published yesterday.

Eduard Hellvig said that he had nothing to hide, saying that immediately after his appointment as head of the SRI, he asked for a check of these protocols, and later he called for the termination of all protocols in the judicial system, and these documents were not necessary.

"Personally, I have nothing to hide In February last year I formally denounced all those protocols, put an existing practice … We have an internal audit on all these protocols and started a process to sue them", he said. Hellvig.

According to the head of the SRI, there is no more protocol on the prosecution of justice in Romania. About the secret protocol signed in December 2016, Eduard Hellvig said that his legality can not be questioned.

"You have to be totally of the reality to accuse me of doing something illegal, I have called the audit in public discussions the subject, I have denounced the protocols and started the process of declassification." My request for cancellation comes all the way. suspicions about the involvement of the SRI in the act of justice, "said Hellvig.

The DVI director has denied allegations that it is an abuse of the DVI and says it is determined to fight "against all abuse regardless who does it".

"It is assumed that it is an abuse of the DVI. I personally understand what the state is abusing against its citizens and will fight the abuse until the last day, regardless of who does it … Why did I sign it? protocol with the government institutions signed to carry out our duties in 2016. Why did I reject this? "I have said before that the internal audit has shown that we can exercise our powers under the law without these protocols guaranteeing the national security of Romania . I have nothing to hide, it is a process of transparency and normality that we have initiated, even if the law does not oblige us to do so, "said MVW director Eduard Hellvig.

He says that the HCCJ president has carried out a legality check of the public protocol.

"The two protocols in question, both signed in December 2016. The first is not classified, which regulates the access of the detective agencies to the MVI infrastructure, but not the DVI in the activity of the prosecutor's office. brought to the attention of the parliamentary committee The chairman of the HCCJ, who has the task of checking how the protocol should be implemented, has been informed of its existence The classification governs the way in which the SRI cooperates with the Public Prosecution Service Let's be very clear, this secret protocol was imposed on us by the law of organization and the functioning of SRI, in Article 8 its legality can not be questioned, "said Hellvig.

Emergency Ordinance No. 6/2016, referred to by the DVI Director, refers to some measures for the enforcement of the technical supervisory mandates imposed in criminal proceedings.

The regulation stipulates that special criminal investigative bodies, in the event of breaches of national security and terrorist offenses, can make technical surveillance services available to the public prosecutor. Article 13 of the Regulation provides that the bodies of the Romanian Intelligence Service can not conduct criminal investigations, can not take part in the preventive arrest or arrest, or may themselves have an arrest center.

On the other hand, Article 8 of the DVI's operating law indicates that the Romanian intelligence service is authorized to maintain and use appropriate means for obtaining, verifying, processing and storing information on national security, according to the law.

"For more than a year and a half, we have been discussing protocols that have been concluded by the DVI and other government agencies, during which there were several public outings of the SRI through communiqués, interviews, which we tried to explain, but I think I have a few points because I have nothing to hide In February last year we formally denounced all those controversial protocols by stopping an existing practice What are these protocols? As I also explained to the Audit Committee on February 28, 2017, asked I needed the institution or these protocols, can not we implement the law without protocols? I was told that this was possible by law, but this was the traditional tool and the framework for what is in the law. an internal audit of these protocols I have decided to crack them, which are not imposed by law or CSAT decisions Immediately, in February In 2017, we started a process of cancellation with the public prosecutor's office and the judicial institutions. There is no protocol anymore with regard to the implementation of justice, "said the director of SRI.

The protocol concluded in 2016 between the Prosecutor General and the DVI reached public opinion on Thursday. An unsecured version that is published on the website of the Public Prosecution Service and a secret version that appeared a few hours later on Facebook by Darius Vâlcov. Both were signed the same day, just before the elections, in December 2016.

The non-decree offers technical issues with regard to the concrete conditions for access to technical systems of the National Center for Interception of Communication. The secret revealed a close relationship between the institutions and was in fact a continuation of the protocol that was concluded in 2009.


Darius Vâlcov, councilor of Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă, published a protocol Thursday evening that was concluded by the Prosecutor General and the Romanian Intelligence Service on December 7, 2016. The SRI spokesman said the document had been denounced.

Vâlcov has published the secret document on his Facebook page, which provides for cooperation between the two institutions "to carry out their duties", signed by Augustin Lazar and Eduard Helvig, informs

SRI spokesman Ovidiu Marincea said that the protocol has been sued and that it has had no consequences. A non-secret protocol was also published on the website of the Public Prosecution Service, which was concluded on the same date between the Public Prosecution Service and the DVI about the cooperation for establishing the concrete conditions for access to technical systems of the National Center for Interception of Communication.

The Válcov document consists of six pages and four chapters setting out the principles of cooperation, purpose and rules, as well as the responsibilities of each of the signatory institutions. The last article of the document also provides for the repeal of the protocol concluded in 2009 between the two institutions, which was released this year.

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