SUBJECTS HISTORY BACALAUREAT 2018 August – September session. The graduates of the 12th grade of the UMAN profile held the second written test of the BACALAUREAT 2018 exam on Wednesday on HISTORY.

We remind you that a graduate from a secondary school must meet the following cumulative conditions for graduation:

  • supporting all proofs of linguistic and digital competence assessment;
  • support all written evidence and obtain note 5 from each of them;
  • achieving the average of 6 at least in the written tests.

RESULTS BACALAUREAT 2018 – JUNE JULY-SESSION: The degree of promotion (after the resolution of professions) registered by graduates who completed high school in the 2017-2018 promotion and who supported the Baccalaureate exam exams in the first session, is 74.7%, an increase of 2% compared to the original rate (72, 7%). The general promotional rate, including graduates from previous promotions, is 69.7% (up from 67.7%). The number of 10 environments rose to 132 (initially 104 were recorded).

For example, 86,162 candidates from a total of 123,619 candidates were promoted.

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