Suddenly, the Austrian television accuses the Gendarmerie of reprisals

Darius Vâlcov, the economics adviser to Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă, indirectly accuses Klaus Iohannis of agreeing with the offshore legislation, noting that with the rejection of the law Austrian national post becomes interested in our country and the Romanian Gendarmerie of repression. Vâlcov also placed two photos, one from the president's meeting with the general manager of OMV, and the second from the meeting of the OMV representative with Vladimir Putin.

Who is the woman who is presented as the injured gendarme. NOTE made by the Minister of the Interior

"In January 2018 Mr. Seele, the CEO of OMV and Mr. Werner discuss privately about the gas of the Black Sea. In July, the parliament adopted the offshore law, with a small change of $ 6 billion in addition to the Romanian state. Legislation Also in August, the Austrian television channel ORF suddenly became interested in Romania and accused reprisals of the Romanian gendarmerie.

We will see the sequel! But this time I assure you that the Romanian state will ask what it is.
PS Seele and Mr Putin, two good friends (Mr Seele and Mr Putin, two good friends), "wrote Darius Valcov on Facebook.

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