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In rectifying the budget, there are no legal or other arguments not to call the country's Supreme Council of Defense as soon as possible, said Eugene Teodorovici on Friday.

"If he still says he is very interested in the budgets of the national security structures (President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis nr), why did he call CSAT today or Monday or Tuesday and not September 4? I understand that you are on vacation but I think that the problems of the country are the first things that matter.When correcting the budget there are no legal arguments of any kind, for which you will not be prompted to CSAT as soon as possible for an open discussion about every issue he does not understand or do not want to understand "We presented very clear arguments and we ended this discussion", Eugen Teodorovici told Antena 3.

He pointed out that he had made two budget reviews in the mandate of the Minister of Finance of 2015 and did not have the opinion of the CSAT.

"In 2015, we also changed the budgets in these national security structures, in addition or in minus, which were not necessary in CSAT (…)", emphasized the Minister of Finance.

He specified that a budgeting scheme is being implemented for the entire economy, not only can it be done for some of the credit regulators, and the others are separated.

Teodorovici also stated that this rectification is necessary because this year both the law on remuneration and the normative decisions adopted by Parliament with effects of around 4 billion lei on the budget have been effective.

"It is normal for you to give each credit officer a new allocation so that it can continue until the end of the year: pensions, wages, investment costs or expenses for natural disasters such as African floods and swine fever are planned at the beginning of the year," said the quoted source.

Moreover, the Minister of Finance confirmed that he hoped to be the last time that the CSAT opinion on the rectification of the budget was requested and pointed out that the law on the functioning of the CSAT could be modified, so that there is a provision that Clearly states that the CSAT verifies that what serves as costs ensures that the commitments made by Romania are fulfilled.

On the other hand, Eugen Teodorovici called on President Iohannis to end his appreciation for the government.

"I publicly ask the president to stop these totally unjustified reviews from the government," said the head of Finance.

He pointed out that the government will meet immediately after the CSAT meeting on September 4 or September 5 to approve the first rectification of the budget this year.

President Klaus Iohannis stated Friday that the government is lying and points out that the executive can set a budget in any area without any opinion from the CSAT, except for the national security zone.

"This is a new lie from the PSD brand and a new lie from the incompetent government of Dăncilă." I do not like repeating these things, but the government is lying to the Romanians, and the government can set a budget right, with the exception of the national security area. to give pensions or salaries, money to schools – is a big lie: the government can correct health, education, pensions, salaries, agriculture, here is a national catastrophe, but I see that they are not concerned about this issue, Klaus Iohannis said on Friday in Sibiu.

He argued that there are two hypotheses about this "lie", most likely because the Executive has no money to pay pensions and salaries.

Iohannis said on the budget of the presidential administration that this is not the subject.

"We do it anyway," he said.

According to the project published earlier this month, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health are the main beneficiaries of funds after the first budget review this year, while the Romanian Intelligence Service, the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Energy institutions that will face the most significant falls in funds.

The main decreases in appropriations are therefore the Romanian intelligence service (-113 million lei), the ministry of research and innovation (-122.1 million lei), the Ministry of Energy (-45.7 million lei), the Ministry of Development ), The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (-35.1 million lei), the Service for protection and surveillance (-22.7 million lei), the Ministry of Tourism (-17.3 million lei), the Ministry of the Environment -17 million lei), the Foreign Intelligence Service (-16.5 million lei), the Special Telecommunications Service (-16.2 million lei), the Ministry of Economy (-15 million lei), the presidential administration (- 11 million lei) slate).

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