The Apa-perpetrator, who murdered his parents and grandmother, was sentenced to life imprisonment

Razvan Rentea, the man accused of brutally murdering her parents and grandmother, was sentenced to life in prison by the judges of the Satu Mare Tribunal. He did not recognize his actions and said that everything was a way to get behind the bars.

Crime occurred in November 2017, and Răzvan Rentea participated in the entire investigation and aroused suspicion for the investigator because of his interest in the details of the investigation.

The public prosecutor motivated his verdict for the fact that the three crimes were deliberate and of extreme violence, as well as the fact that they were committed against family members, which is an aggravating circumstance and in terms of the Penal Code.

Razvan Rentea's sister gave up on the last term of the trial the moral damage he had originally claimed, and said that although he is the killer of the family, "it's my brother, though."

During the period of detention Răzvan Rentea announced that he is repeatedly hungry as a protest against the detention conditions. The representatives of the penitentiary movement denied these statements and said that Răzvan Rentea did not refuse food.

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"Between November 22 and November 23, 2017, the Defendant RRM, according to his own statements, was in his parents' home in Apa, SM, without any specific purpose.On the evening of November 23, 2017, around 6 PM, without the cause being clearly established, used defendant RRM with a bone object in the kitchen of the house – a two-headed meat beater, repeated strokes in the cranial area her grandparents, the AVF, cause her death.

According to the forensic autopsy report No. 1626 / III / 312 / 19.01.2018, the death of A.V. F. was violent and was the result of meningo-brain disease and dilation after acute open-brain cerebral trauma with a parietal fracture and a right parietal temporal skull base. In addition to the cranio-cerebral lesions, an internal thoracic trauma was also acutely occluded with multiple bilateral fractures of different planes, paravertebral, scapular, displaced with pleuro-pulmonary fracture and consecutive hemotor action.

We conclude that the defendant R. R. M. prior to repeated strokes with the kitchen instrument in the skull area that led to the death of the victim, had applied several strokes in the chest area to his grandparents A.V.F, resulting in multiple bilateral rib fractures.

After this moment the defendant R.M. in the entrance hall of the house, where he looked at his father from the curtain, named R. Ghe., who was in the stable (an outbuilding behind the courtyard) where the cow drank.

When his father entered the courtyard of the building, the accused RRM rushed in and, by surprise, accompanied him with the same kitchen instrument, near his head, several strokes that led to the death of the R "Ghe." Says the prosecution of the public prosecutor.

After murdering the two, Răzvan Rentea set up his next victim, his mother, who had to come home from work. He was going to take her out of the bus station with his father's car.

"At 19:14, after RN M. had descended from the transport route along the SM-Apa route, he got on the car, piloted by her son, the defendant RRM, who led her to the garden. kicks of the house terrace, the defendant RR, with the help of the prepared kitchen instrument, killed her by putting several strokes on her head.

According to the Forensic Autopsy Report No. 1628 / III / 314 / 19.01.2018, the death of RNM was violent and was due to meningo-cerebral hemorrhage and dilation following acute acute craniocerebral trauma with a fracture of the vault and a parietal occipital skull base.

In the internal examination of the corpse, in addition to cranio-cerebral lesions, there was also a trauma of left hemodialysis with ecchymosis in the scapular area, single-surface rib fractures with pleuro-pulmonary fracture and consecutive hemotoroses. "in the indictment.

It seems that the third murder offered those who investigated the case and offered the most convincing evidence to encourage Razvan Rentea. He has consistently argued that he has left his parents' house before his mother goes to work, but the cameras in the bus station have let him go, just as they have disappointed him and the telephone conversations with his mother, a another point of indictment that Razvan Rentea did not recognize during the hearings. He claimed in the first phase that he had escaped his telephone and his conversations had been wiped out, and then he admitted he had removed them.

"According to the minutes of viewing and describing the video's made by the camera's on the left side of the DN 19 F for the City Hall of Apa, it was, contrary to what the defendant RRM claimed, contradicted by 19: 00 was stationed at the guard station next to the town hall.After the conversation of 10 seconds at 7:02 pm with his mother, in which she told him that she should arrive, it occurred how the defendant RRM, agitated, successively wiped with a fabric, gearshift, steering wheel, handles and the front left front as well as the dashboard grille.

His claims that he was no longer in place after 6 pm. The water and that she did not speak by telephone with her mother was removed from traffic and location data obtained on the basis of the conclusion of the Satu Mare Tribunal of rights and liberties judges. According to them, the RRM suspect had three calls on 23/11/2017 with his mother, victim of RN, (18:21, 18:36 and 19:02) and then, according to his cell phone, in Apa Town, SM County "is also shown in the same source.

After the crimes were committed, the author raged the entire house to give the impression that murderous crimes had been committed by someone who did not know the house.

After the three crimes, Răzvan Rentea went to Satu Mare with his own car. Without any regret the young man spent the clubs in the city and paid his debts. It seems that these debts were the young people who committed the three crimes, but this is not yet fully demonstrated by the researchers.

"Although it was not possible to prove that the suspect of RR M committed the three crimes of serious concern, it turned out, after an on-the-spot investigation, that the possession of the victims had disappeared, more specifically, from a shoebox, the amount of 15,000 slate and 17.700 Euro disappeared We assume that this amount is because there was a book in the same box in which money was written, which represents the savings of the R. family on October 26, 2017. ", says the indictment.

Witness witnesses, including Razvan Rentea's beloved, say that he was addicted to gambling and spends a lot of money without having to justify their origin, since the man was the kind of person who loved the consistent, quick and without work.

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