The Brăilean PSD did not receive an invitation for the wedding of the son of Dragnea

• Although announced in the central press, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea invited hundreds of PSD MPs, mayors, presidents of district councils and ministers, led by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă, to the son's wedding, to Braila, invited to no one PSD in our province has not confirmed that he has received such an invitation or participated on Sunday in the Snagov Palace. • Mayor Marian Dragomir and CJ Braila President Francis Chiriac have clearly indicated that they have not been invited

The Bahraini PSDs were bypassed by the invitations of social-democratic chefs Liviu Dragnea to the wedding of his son Valentin Stephan with Gina Alexandra, a wedding that took place on Sunday in the Snagov Palace. Probably because they & # 39; have fallen into shame & # 39; after they were publicly on the side of the former Prime Minister of Romania, Mihai Tudose, who recently said that a part-time dialogue is needed on the issues raised by Ecaterina Adronescu and Niculae Bădălău, one of the problems is the resignation of Liviu Dragnea . Well, the central press announced the statements published by the newspaper "Obiectiv – Vocea Brăilei" on this subject, and announced that PSD Braila is the first organization in the country opposed to Dragnea and even if the PSD leader had not taken an official position on this issue. it seems that the information did not leave him cold, so he did not hurry to invite the Social Democrats of Brăila to his son's wedding.

According to PROTV news, Sunday was a full day for the two ladies. At first they said "yes" to the mayor of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea, and at 6 pm the religious ceremony took place. Although it was originally announced in Eleftherias Church, the wedding was moved to the last hundred meters and it seems that some guests have not heard of the change. The reason was probably due to the protests announced on social networks. "Eventually the wedding took place in the chapel of the Snagov Palace. The former residence of Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej, the place where Nicolae Ceausescu organized its official meetings, but also the favorite place of politicians and businessmen for exclusive and extremely expensive parties, is the Snagov palace more than ever a real fort in which they can access the hundreds of PSD captain, none other than the grandfather. To prevent anyone from disturbing the marriage of the son of the PSD leader, dozens of guards took to the field at Snagov. PSD MPs, mayors, presidents of district councils and ministers, led by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă, were all invited to the wedding "said PROTV journalists.

We all, except PSD Braila!

"Undesirable" list on the big PSD party

Aurel Simionescu, executive chairman of PSD Braila, said he was not invited to the wedding of Liviu Dragnea's son, so he did not participate. The former mayor of Braila also pointed out that neither his president nor the president of the district organization, Ion Rotaru, had been invited.

"No. I was not invited, I do not know if anyone from PSD Braila was there, what can I tell you that Mr. President was certainly not invited, I spoke to him, otherwise I do not know how to give you an answer", he said Simionescuwhile he notices that he does not know that the PSD Braila organization has sent a wedding gift.

Neither mayor Marian Dragomir nor the president of the Braila County Council, Francisk Chiriac, received wedding invitations from their party chief. Dragomir clearly said that she did not go to the wedding this weekend because she was not invited. He added that he has no information about his colleagues because he was on vacation and only returned on Sunday evening. "I was not invited, I did not participate", he said Dragomir, without making any further comments.

Neither the president of CJ Braila received a wedding invitation. Francis Chiriac said he did not attend the wedding ceremony of the party and he did not know if the PSDs were there in Braila because he was on a delegation and did not have time to talk to them. "I did not receive an invitation and I was not at the wedding either. I did not send any gifts. Now I am in Moldova, in Straseni, in a delegation ", he said Chiriac.

Despite the efforts of editors of the daily "Obiectiv – Vocea Brăilei" to contact former Prime Minister Mihai Tudose to see if he was invited to the wedding of the son of the PSD chief, he did not answer the telephone . Unfortunately neither PSD president Braila, Senator Ion Rotaru, MP Nicu Niţă nor ALDE chairman Braila, Senator Mihai Ruse, could be contacted to tell us whether they participated in the event or not, and how they believe the district organization was the PSD not invited to the package with the rest of the country.

None of the government representatives in Brăila were invited

The situation of the Brăila roundabout with regard to the wedding invitations was also repeated in the case of the representatives of the PSD district organization at the current government level.

Vice-President of the National Agency for Natural Protected Areas, under-secretary of the state Carmelia Dragomir Bălănică, told us that she was not invited to the wedding of Liviu Dragnea's son, so she was not present at the event. The situation was also repeated in the case of PSD Adrian Rundunică, State Secretary at the Ministry of Labor.

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