The CSM intervenes in the scandal of protocols

The stories of the case are complicated! After Toader and Lazarus, in turn, have responded to the scandal of the secret protocols that SRI has concluded, the CSM has a first reaction to Lazar's statements.

More specifically, the SCM intervenes in the Protocols scandal and states that the Public Prosecution Service has indeed informed them of these documents, but the Council is not competent to advise them. The SCM also says that mere information is not relevant because it does not validate the protocols in any way.

"In the light of the August 27, 2018 press release from the Attorney General Augustin Lazar, the Prosecutor General of the Public Prosecutor attached to the High Supreme Court for Cassation and Justice, concerning the protocol concluded between the institution he represents and the Romanian Intelligence Service on 8 In December 2016, the Office for Information and Media Relations of the High Council of the Magistracy is authorized to bring the following to the attention of the public:

Following the measures ordered by the Supreme Court of the Magistracy of 20 March 2018, the Prosecutor has two modest protocols on the same date to the Supreme Court of Cassation and Justice, namely:

  • Protocol on cooperation between the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Supreme Court of Cassation and Justice and the Romanian Intelligence Service for the execution of their national security duties, concluded on 4 February 2009;
  • Protocol concerning the organization of cooperation between the Romanian secret service and the prosecutor's office annexed to the Supreme Court of Cassation and Justice for the performance of their duties, in accordance with the law, concluded on 8 December 2016.

On March 30, 2018, the protocols were sent back to the prosecutor at the Supreme Court of Cassation and Justice to continue the declassification procedure.

Note that according to the provisions of Act No. 317/2004 on the Supreme Council for the Magistracy, it is not competent to conclude protocols between the institutions within the judicial authority and other public institutions and the subsequent information from the Council with regard to to approve these protocols, is irrelevant to the circumstances under which they are concluded, invalid or legitimate in any way whatsoever" the CSM communiqué says.

We remember General Prosecutor Augustin Lazar announcing that he was publishing the correspondence with the Minister of Justice and the SCM, saying that the first address was made on March 13, 2017, and the next address is March 19, when the Minister of Justice requests details of the protocols and declassification demands.

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