The degree of graduation during the Baccalaureate session from August to September is 26%

The promotion rate included in the August-September session of the national Baccalaureate exam is 26.9% – for competitions this increased to 0.9% compared to the autumn session of last year (26%).

Among the graduates who graduated, 7,050 candidates from the current promotion and 2,553 candidates from previous promotions, quoted the source.

According to MEN, 35,642 candidates of the 45,120 candidates were represented. A total of 119 candidates have been eliminated for fraud or attempted fraud. They can not register for the next two sessions of the baccalaureate. There was no average of 10.

Promotional ratios of more than 30% were registered in the provinces of Neamt (37.52%), Dolj (36.86%), Olt (34.32%), Cluj (31.77%), Sibiu (31 , 71%)), Bacau (31.19%), Gorj (30.75%), Alba (30.35%) and Vaslui (30.33%). The success rate in the capital is 26.65%. Giurgiu (15.82%) and Ilfov (15.40%) are below 20%.

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The minimum average for passing the exam is 6 and the minimum mark for each written test is 5. The promotion percentage is calculated on the basis of the total number of candidates present, including the eliminated candidates in this category.

The results (before occupation) are displayed in the examination centers and on the special website,

Complaints can be submitted on Saturday, September 1 to 4 pm.

The final results will be released on Thursday 6 September.

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