The demonstration of 10 August was an attempt …

"What I saw, I saw a failed attempt at a coup, that's what I saw, that's what it was, and that's what Iohannis did with that message, that irresponsible Facebook post on the part of a head of state, violent violence to continue in the minutes when the gendarme girl was almost stuck with raw animals and animals, the gendarmes, but he said nothing about the arson, how they took pieces of the piston to throw the gendarmes in. It was a very good paramilitary organization, "said Liviu Dragnea on Tuesday evening at Antena 3.

He said he was convinced that the demonstrators wanted to crush the government by force and that they were "certainly gathered by someone" at Victory Square. Dragnea pointed out that the Gendarmerie acted legally through her intervention to restore order when the violence took place and complied with the rules.

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"I was deeply written, I thought that girl would be killed there, I realized that what was said was true, they needed at least one dead to get out of the government, people who think like that are criminals. have organized violence, that there were people who wanted to protest peacefully, okay, but you can not agree with the violence. "No one agrees with the violence." In addition to Iohannis, the gendarmes were hit and Iohannis called them "let's get hit. "(…) The Gendarmerie acted legally, in accordance with the rules, and that diaspora was a snare, and there was certainly someone gathered there," said Dragnea.

The PSD leader also said that members of his party are calling for a counterattack, which is likely to occur.

"There can be a protest against Iohannis, it is boiling in the party that we do not start the protests at the Iohannis gate, and it is quite possible to do that, not with stones, not with fire, not with gendarmes, protests as they were, "said Dragnea.

When asked if he received information from the SRI about what could happen during the demonstration on August 10 in Victoria Square, Liviu Dragnea said he did not receive anything, but it is certain that all information has ended up with the head of state. He added that it should be ascertained whether the DVI provided information from the Ministry of the Interior on its own initiative or only after the Ministry had requested it.

"I did not get anything All normal power information is given to the president Normally I, and Mr. Tariceanu, would be entitled to almost the same level of information Theoretically I get very little information, besides, no one from the SIE. ..) I am absolutely convinced that SRI has given information to President Iohannis about what is going to happen, how not to know, I think that Mr Manda and the committee should check whether SRI was providing information early or after the Minister It must have been asked, should we say these protests were organized against John, the same organization on the net, what were they doing? Did they not inform President Iohannis, if the protest against Iohannis was in Cotroceni, with a well-organized and lit group and the gendarmerie cords wanted to break, hit the gendarmes, stoned and bottled water, what did Iohannis do, did the gendarmes go out? & # 39; said Dragnea.

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea accuses multinationals of financing street movements and associations that protest against government measures, and encourages their employees to protest because they have certain economic interests.

"Multinationals finance resist, fund these movements and urge employees to protest, but now this movement is weaker, they have calmed down," said Liviu Dragnea on Antena 3 Tuesday night.

The PSD leader added that these companies have certain economic interests.

"Companies do not have political ideologies, they have economic interests, and when these interests affect the institutions of the Romanian state, we can not intervene, and I will not stop trying to be the final beneficiaries of the wealth that this country has. with a position in the Romanian state should think like that ", said Dragnea.

He said that on August 10 he was in Neptune, watching the protest on television from 19 to 20 that he spoke on the telephone with Prime Minister Dăncilă, who also watched what happened on TV, with which he also spoke to the leader of the ALDE, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, but he did not speak to the Minister of the Interior, Carmen Dan.

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