The "dirty secret" of Paula Tanase, the first candidate of the DNA chef

Paula Tănase, Public Prosecutor of the Public Prosecution Service attached to the court of appeal of Galati, the first candidate for a new selection organized by the Ministry of Justice for the function of head of DNA, was noted by the PSD-ALDE amendments to the rules of law, criticized in unison by civil society, Western partners and the magistrate community.

Paula Tanase is one of the magistrates publicly praised by Tudorel Toader. She also claims that the President of Romania should be removed from the procedure to appoint the heads of justice and that Parliament should have access to the appointments.

Paula Tănase entered the magistracy in 1996 and unsuccessfully applied for a DNA expert in early 2012. Recently she has accepted the amendments proposed by Minister Tudorel Toader van Justitie to the Laws of Justice.

"We have reached the discussion with the Laws of Justice that can be improved. I have had the responsibility of the magistrates for years, I agree with the Minister of Justice's proposal that the state must turn against magistrates who are malicious faithfulness companies.

Does not this provision seem to have suspended you, is it not complete, should it be completed? Should a magistrate accusibly accusing and evolving reputation in his career until his retirement be allowed to destroy destiny? Should this professional development not be limited? Absolutely yes, "says Paula Tănase, according to

When the criminal investigation department was established by the magistrates, it was stated: "A direction or a department is desirable. The difference between this arrangement concerns the method of appointment of the chief prosecutor in the direction, not the department and the personal selection procedure s.

The Minister of Justice proposes the appointment of the chief prosecutor and, with the approval of the prosecutors, appoints the president, a department set up by the public prosecutor, with the appointment of the chief prosecutor. I would like to propose the creation of a department. & # 39;

"The appointment of the heads of the judiciary must be done by the SCM, but the plenary meeting of the entire CSM, supplemented by representatives of civil society: the President of Romania must be excluded from the appointment comparison. Parliament must have access to appointments ", the prosecutor added.

In fact, the same ideas were resumed by Paula Tanase in an interview for the journal World of Justice, near the post Antena3.

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