The effect of the "M * ie PSD" plates. Employees of the registrars, make sure that people do not sign "offensive words or words"

The directive was sent by fax to subordinate services in all provinces on Friday by the permit and registration management and officials were asked to sign that they had been informed. They were also sent "to be vigilant". The situation was confirmed by DRPCIV Press Office (vehicle driving license and vehicle registration direction) for G4Media.

The reason DRPCIV evoked the vote was that "people write all kinds of basons instead of signatures". "Some write" Hate, I have the license! "Or something similar," explained the press service. To the question of what is explicitly referred to a vote for words or insulting utterances, the answer was: "For full reporting," according to the quoted source.

The directive comes shortly after the scandal of the M "ie PSD" registration number, whose legality has put the Romanian police in difficulties.

The owner of the car, Răzvan Ştefănescu, a Romanian based in Sweden, entered Romania with records registered in Sweden with the number "M * ie PSD", perfectly legal in this country.

In Romania, the Romanian police resorted to non-existent legal provisions for the maintenance of the license and the opening of a criminal case in the name of Ştefănescu.

Finally, the case was filed because "the act does not exist" and the public prosecutor ordered the two plates to be returned to the Swedish authorities via the Swedish embassy in Bucharest.

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