The film's protocol scandal. Toader triggers the evaluation of Augustin Lazar!

After Vâlcov already published the famous protocol on Facebook, the prosecution argued that the document in question was secret and that it was sent to the Supreme Court of Magistracy and the Ministry of Justice on March 20, 2018, with both institutions on the height were Public Prosecutor's declaration for declassification. The prosecution has confirmed that a criminal case has been filed for violation of article 305 of the Criminal Code in the case of the secret protocol published on Facebook.

The announcement that led to the paroxysm scandal

Tudorel Toader also announced on Facebook on Saturday morning that he was launching the procedure for assessing the activity of General Attorney Augustin Lazar. "I declare the legal procedure for the assessment of the executive activity of the Prosecutor General of the Public Prosecution Service at the Supreme Court of Cassation and Justice Preamble: A few weeks ago we say that the time has come for everyone to be evaluated. months ago, we appreciated the availability of the Attorney General's Office for the declassification of the 2009 Protocol. On these days we discover that a "revoked" protocol was actually "released" in 2016.

This is because, according to art. 27 of the protocol of December 2016: "On the date of entry into force of this protocol, the protocol of cooperation between the Public Prosecutor's Office at the High Court of Cassation and Justice and the Romanian Intelligence Service for the performance of their duties in the field of national security No. … of 04.02.2009 ". The use of the phrase "has been annulled" also shows that the signatories of these protocols agreed to give their normative values. The results of the evaluation, accompanied by proposals, will be made public within no more than 30 days, "says Tudorel Toader.

The public prosecutor's office calls for political attacks and pressure

Attorney General Augustin Lazar received an initial response on Saturday after the Minister of Justice announced that he had started the evaluation of his work. Lazar claims that the so-called theme is incorrect, that the Ministry of Justice was well informed before these protocols and that it would make this correspondence public in the coming days. Lazar also insists that all these attacks on the prosecutor general's office are aimed at destabilizing the institution at a time when it is in the process of solving extremely important files such as the revolution and the violent violence of 10 August.

Publication of correspondence with the SCM and the Ministry of Justice

"Taking note of the intention of the Minister of Justice to initiate the evaluation procedure for the managerial activity we have carried out, an intention expressed in the context of the public debates on the protocols between the public prosecutor attached to the High Court of cassation and justice and the Romanian intelligence service in December 2016, and with the explicit reference to these documents, to the public's attention: The cooperation between the Public Prosecution Service and the Romanian Intelligence Service was carried out under the law, the protocol was only a technical working procedure, cooperation between institutions in strict accordance with the law. In this connection, I would like to point out that all aspects of importance with regard to the protocols have been brought to the attention of the Supreme Council for the Magistracy and the Ministry of Justice, the following week we will publish the correspondence with these institutions. ", Announced Lazar.

"A wrong theme"

The Attorney General also believed that the protocol scandal was nothing more than a destabilization of the prosecution. "Public opinion will discover that the theme of the protocols is a false one and that we as general prosecutor of the prosecutor attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice have complied with the law, we have the High Council of Magistracy and The Ministry of Justice informed about the measures taken.In this context, public speculation about a so-called "illegal" and "underground" way of acting is clearly an action to destabilize the prosecution. The purpose of the classified protocol is to identify, investigate and document the facts that constitute the constituent elements of the crimes against national security, terrorist crimes and crimes committed by DVB executives. The Romanian intelligence service is the government body specialized in information about Romania's national security. This protocol did not cause the effects and is canceled on 13.03.2017 in the context of the public debates on the protocols ", concluded Augustin Lazar.

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