The first resignation of the Dăncilă government: "My departure, irrevocable"

Nicolae Burnete, the Minister for Research and Innovation, resigned. The announcement was made on Friday, in a statement that did not explain the reasons for this decision.

"The Minister of Research and Innovation, Prof. Dr. Nicolae Burnete, informs the public through this press release that I have resigned from the Prime Minister's office this morning." My resignation is irrevocable and will, at least at this moment, not be the subject from a press conference, "he said. Burnete, in a press release.

Minister Burnet, derived from naphthalene

Six months ago, the Minister of Research and Innovation, Research and Innovation, Nicolae Burnete, announced what he was going to do and talked less about the performance in his little-known mandate to the general public.

Burnete said he would like to launch 100 projects for young researchers under 35-40 years and another 100 for the most experienced.

"We are in the Centenary Year and personally I would like to launch 100 projects for young researchers under 35-40 and 100 for the most experienced." At this moment we all expect that the rectification of the budget will see where we are, because that our wish is to make room for other competitions that will last for years, and I want them to take place somewhere between 4 and 5. I would like them to be individually evaluated after two or three years and decide if they whether or not to continue, but then the researchers would know what to do, "said Burnete, in a press conference following the presentation of the balance of activities in the first half of 2018.

Minister Burnet also said that "for the period in which Romania is President of the Council of the European Union 11 events in the field of research are planned", including following the meeting of the Competitiveness and Growth Council (COMPET) on 3 April 2019.

Referring to the MCI budget of 1.63 billion lei, Nicolae Burneti described the amount as "too low".

"We said we had the research budget for the Ministry of 1.63 billion, but I would keep in mind that money is allocated to the research area and the Ministry of Education, that money is allocated to research and the Ministry of Defense, Energy We are also in the field of agriculture, and let us not forget that the private institutions also have to make a contribution to this budget, but the amount is now too low, "said the Minister, who said that as regards the rectification of the budget, had two meetings at the Ministry of Finance.

Burnete was noticed by working visits to various research institutes. On the balance sheet, the Minister for Research points out that new competitions have started with budgets ranging from EUR 5 million and EUR 12 million to EUR 55 million, such as mobility projects for young researchers, investments in INCDs, European and international cooperation projects Romania – China or institutional development, CLOUD projects and large data infrastructures, research infrastructure projects for public R & D institutions / universities, cluster innovation projects or RoEduNet development, he said.

What, in short, looks at the CV of the former minister

Nicolae Burnete was born on June 4, 1960 in Rosia de Secaş, Alba County, and graduated in 1985 from the Polytechnic Institute Cluj-Napoca, specializing in agricultural mechanics, as head of promotion, and since 2001 he is professor at UTCN. Between 2004 and 2012 he was dean of the faculty of mechanics at the University of Cluj and from 2012 to 2013 he was deputy general director of the Ministry of Education. Since 2013 he has been director of the department of road vehicles and transport of the faculty of mechanics at the UTCN, and since 2016 he is also chairman of the university senate.

He attended various internships and documentaries in France and Germany. It has 16 didactic works, 160 extensive scientific papers and 143 published, 49 technical-scientific research contracts (director or member in collective).

In 2012, Burneti was part of the National Ethics Council of the Ministry of Education, which analyzed a possible plagiarism in the case of Ponta's former dissertation.

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