The gas supplier stopped the crane for the Timisoara heating company. The third time in 2018

Colterm SA, the heating company in Timisoara, has approximately 61,000 subscribers, individuals and legal entities.

It is this year for the third time that the heating company no longer receives gas. In February E.ON lowered its gas parameters in June, stopped it all and did the same now, in response to a debt of 7,000,000 lei that the heating company could not pay on time.

Debts are not just for E.ON Gaz. Colterm SA had the accounts blocked until yesterday. It follows that on the basis of payments to Termoficare SA Oradea, for the 216,000 green electricity certificates for greenhouse gases, 2 million lei back in the form of a guarantee, and of this money to pay the debt to the supplier gas. "We had blocked accounts with Banca Transilvania for months because Oradea had to give us a guarantee for the green certificates, and I promised EON that we would pay 2 million lei if we released the Oradea warranty." This morning (no. the accounts unblocked, and the city council paid the last installment to Oradea this morning, when they receive money they will release our guarantee The debt to EON is 7 million lei, Monday we paid 1.5 million of our income and we stayed on 7 million, "explained Emil Şerpe, director of the district heating company, at Green electricity certificates for greenhouse gases (EUAs) were mandatory, while Colterm risked a 25 million euro fine and probably a bankruptcy. The money was paid in installments, this month was the last.

The mayor saved the situation. Negotiations at evening watch with E.ON Gaz

Nicolae Robu announced on his Facebook page that he could contact the management of E.On Gaz Romania yesterday, and he solved the problem. "We have solved the gas problem at Colterm! Timisoara does not come without hot water! We have just signed an agreement with the management of E.On Gaz Romania about the resumption of gas supply to the heating company Timişoara, Colterm. critical financial situation of the Timisoara City Hall at the end, that we will receive in the coming days against large amounts of local taxes and charges from companies, more generally from legal persons, and that we will pay all arrears significant payment to all partners and priority to E.On Gaz Romania. (…) It was difficult for us, ladies and gentlemen, but with all the hardships we have done so much in these years, and we will continue to do so, given the fact that we all businesses in the town hall have remedied Aquatim, the only one that goes well, "the editors noted on his social media page.

Court bailiffs have auctioned the ultra-central headquarters of Colterm SA

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