The Gendarmerie Fanfare holds a concert on Victoriei Square on the Romanian day. USR is ironing the moment

Gendarmerie Fanfare held a concert on Friday in Victoria Square on the occasion of the Romanian Language Day, an event that was ironed by USR representatives on Facebook. They said that the action, which Kafka had not thought, took place "in defeating the sun, on an empty market".

Picture of the Fanfare-article of the Gendarmerie holds a concert in the Victory Square on Romanian Language Day. USR is ironing the moment

Photo source: Facebook USR Bucharest

"What you see here is the concert of the Gendarmerie Fanfara on the occasion of the Romanian Language Day.Photos are made when the concert is in full swing.You realize that we have all paid an event that Kafka could not even imagine On a Friday, at 1:00 pm in the sun, on an empty market, without a spectator, with the Gendarmerie Fanfare the institution whose leaders ordered the gas winners, and on Victory Square, USR representatives emphasized via a Facebook message .

They also pointed out that the images captured by a USR member recorded "absurdity in its purest form". PSD form ".

(Photo source: Facebook USR Bucharest)

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