THE GIROPHAR WINS after the accident, accuses THE WITNESSES

It hit another car in which two adults and three children were left without being injured, but two police officers had to come to the hospital according to sources for the intruders, and quoted Digi 24.

"There was a left car on the left, it turned to the left and after I walked in, I woke up to the left of this police car, they were red because there were two columns of cars on the road waiting for them to come. He had no signals when I got out. I went to see what happened to the children and when I went back I had switched on the signals, "said the driver, according to

"I dreamed of the dream and I saw how they went and the one who did the accident did not have the burning signals behind them, the accident happened and one of them had to release the signals when the car was injured. the red, the gentleman was on the green, "explained one of the witnesses on the spot.

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