The government approved the rectification of the budget. Dăncilă: We have fulfilled our duty to request the opinion of the CSAT

UPDATE 15.55 The Minister of Finance Eugen Teodorovici announced Wednesday that the government has approved the rectification of the budget.

He noted that the budgets of structures in the CSAT have a negative rectification, but there is no impediment to the fact that what they have set out to be achieved. "All costs that they consider until the end of the year are insured, but the implementation level of 7 months is unused and a fair and modern management says very clearly that you have no reason to keep money in an area where it is not issued, "added Teodorovici.

He specified that Minister Tudorel Toader expressed a position on the legality of the rectification of the budget in the absence of the advice of the CSAT, based on three decisions of the RAC from 2011, which stipulates that an advice must be requested, but you should not expect it.

"In the three decisions it is said that blocking an opinion is a misunderstanding about its legal and constitutional role, without prejudice to the constitutionality of the law on which the opinion was requested," the Minister added.

"Tomorrow, during the meeting in Cotroceni, we will present the answers to the President's questions, which he could also receive at the CSAT meeting yesterday.We have been open, we have presented all the arguments, all the elements that are relevant to such a decision, but unfortunately calling a provision that does not exist in the current legislation, yesterday's CSAT meeting is no longer held, it is likely a continuation of yesterday's discussion, "said Eugen Teodorovici.

UPDATE The government has decided to approve the rectification of the budget and declares that it has fulfilled its obligation to request the opinion of the CSAT, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă said on Wednesday at the opening of the governmental meeting.

"The solution chosen by the government is to go ahead with the approval of the budget rectification, we have fulfilled our obligation to demand the opinion of the CSAT and we meet our commitment to guarantee the continuity of the financing," Dăncilă said.

The Prime Minister claimed that the necessary funds for the functioning of all state institutions had been provided.

"People need investments, medicine, pensions and wages on time. Farmers affected by the swine fever virus need financial support and farmers need the money from subsidies in time to go to work," Dăncilă added.

She also said that, to some extent, she could understand the president's dissatisfaction by reducing the funds she had not spent and assured that "no state institution will continue to operate without money."

Viorica Dăncilă also requested that the minutes of the CSAT meeting be released on Tuesday.

"We received the president's statement astonishing yesterday, and I believe that, for no reason to suspend the CSAT meeting, it is necessary for the transcripts to be released from this meeting," the Prime Minister emphasized.


The government meets on Wednesday to find a solution to the rectification of the budget after President Klaus Iohannis has suspended the Supreme Council of Defense (CSAT) meeting Tuesday, stating that no consensus could be reached for the advice necessary to rectify the budget and to urge the Dăncilă cabinet to develop a new project.

According to the government's announcement, the meeting of the Dăncilă Cabinet would take place at 13.00.

President Klaus Iohannis announced on Tuesday that no consensus could be reached in the CSAT to deliver an opinion needed to correct the budgets of the national security institutions, and therefore considers it necessary to correct the budget, the Council meeting at to suspend to give time Government to develop a new project.

The president explained in a press statement in Cotroceni that, given the fact that this is a positive rectification, it is inexplicable to lower the budgets of national security institutions.

Klaus Iohannis has indicated that the heads of the respective institutions have indicated that under these circumstances the objectives of the CSAT could not be met.

Therefore, it was not possible to reach the necessary consensus for the opinion of the CSAT, the chairman announced that in these circumstances he decided to suspend the meeting, so that the government could prepare a new draft revision and resume talks with the institutions involved. .

The head of state emphasized that it is unacceptable to discredit the security of Romania, as the rectification is very positive and there is no motivation for cuts in such a sensitive area as national security. "Romania is a safe country, Romanians are well defended, but these things do not come naturally, we have these things because we have institutions, we have executive services that guarantee this safety for the Romanians, it may and may not be reduced for some. small policy considerations, "said Klaus Iohannis.

The Minister of Finance, Eugen Teodorovici, who attended the CSAT meeting briefly held a press conference in which he said that the suspension of the CSAT meeting was not foreseen in the law and demanded the declassification of the shorthand to see what the position was for each member structure.

"From what has been discussed at the meeting, in the budget of each CSAT Member State, the opinions of the attendees differ completely from the conclusion expressed by the President publicly, and I think it is obligatory and common sense to adopt the Decree of the to ask the minutes of the CSAT meeting to clearly see the position of each member structure, it is normal and gives citizens transparency, "said the minister.

Teodorovici also argued that the delay in approving the correction has negative effects on the economy, with potential bottlenecks and delays in the allocation of wages in the budget sector, investment, health and compensation for people affected by swine fever.

"If the correction is not approved, September will remain uncovered for a number of public sector entities on the salary side. (…) If such a blocking is maintained, the investment side will be influenced both centrally and locally. many investment projects in progress and facing problems: provincial roads, municipal roads, schools … The unpleasant effects of swine fever are also included here, where important amounts are included in the budget rectification proposal for those who have suffered Receive compensation, "Teodorovici said.

He also warned that there may be bottlenecks in agriculture and health.

The leaders of the Liviu Dragnea coalition and Călin Popescu Tăriceanu had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă about the rectification of the budget after the CSAT situation and the PSD leader insisted on finding a solution at the government's Wednesday meeting to rectification of the budget was done, declared for the political sources of PSD leader Liviu Dragnea later went to Victoria Palace for a meeting with Dăncilă and several ministers, the talks ended after about an hour.

Minister of Labor, Lia Olguţa Vasilescu, said on Tuesday evening during a phone call to Romania TV that the government will not make a new rectification proposal for the budget because "necessary and urgent" payments are planned and the CSAT opinion is one Advisory. Vasilescu said the decision will belong to lawyers, who discuss how they can get out of this "impasse".

She also said that the government could not provide for the flooding in the spring for which money was needed, and now it is necessary to replenish the funds to pay compensation to people affected by African swine fever.

When asked whether a new proposal for rectification of the budget would be made, Vasilescu said: "There is no such thing as a new rectification of the budget, no, because we have all these necessary and urgent payments planned. house as schoolchildren, go back and get your homework and come to me and leave me the money of the secret services and the presidential administration in peace? Do not understand that he is not the head of the government, he has other duties, and that opinion is very good, they did not understand the CSAT, it came out negative and tomorrow we could set the budget straight. "

The Minister of Labor said he expects the lawyers to decide what the way out of this & # 39; impasse & # 39; is.

"We expect the lawyers to say (…) that we can not give up what we intend to do in this budget review, it is a decision the lawyers will take, I know that at the time we are being discussed see how we get out of this impasse, "Vasilescu said.

The Supreme Defense Council met on Tuesday after the government had asked President Klaus Iohannis to make urgent proposals to correct the budgets of the national security services. The government accused Johannis of blocking the approval of the first rectification of the budget, which had consequences for the Romanian economy and fundamental rights. In reply, the head of state said it was "a new lie of the PSD and the incompetent government of Dăncilă", pointing out that the budget improvement in any area can be carried out without any opinion from the CSAT, except for the national security zone.

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