The government is asking President Iohannis to come together …

"Last week, the Romanian government sent the Romanian President the request to convene the meeting of the Supreme Defense Council of the country as soon as possible to present the proposals for rectifying the budgets of the institutions with allocations in the field of national security, as included in the draft of the first rectification of the state budget for 2018.

The executive branch did this on the basis of art. 6 (paragraph 2) of Act No. 415/2002 on the organization and operation of the Supreme Defense Council of the country.

In the call for an urgent summit of the CSAT, the need to adopt the first budgetary reform this year to provide the necessary means for the payment of the compulsory expenditure of the general consolidated budget, namely wage rights, social assistance costs, balancing the local budgets, expenditure for the payment of the contribution of Romania to the European Union, and financing of activities to combat African swine fever ", according to a statement from the government.

Who calls the CSAT

According to the law of operation, the Supreme Council of Defense of the country has twelve members: the President of Romania, the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Defense, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Industry and Resources, the Minister of Finance, Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Chief of General Staff and Presidential Adviser for National Security.

The CSAT law also provides for the convening of CSAT sessions: every quarter, by the president of the country, but also in other cases on the initiative of at least one third of the members (four members).

Article 6, CSAT law

(1) The High Council for the Defense of the Land shall be convened by its Chairman every quarter or when necessary.

(2) The High Council of National Defense may also be convened on the initiative of at least one third of its members.

3. The Supreme Defense Council shall work in the presence of at least two-thirds of its members and take decisions by consensus.

In the current composition of the CSAT, the PSD holds more than a third of the membership of the Council, so that it can legally convene the CSAT meeting, not through President Iohannis.

PSD members in CSAT

Viorica Dăncilă, Prime Minister

Carmen Dan, Minister of the Interior

Mihai Fifor, the Minister of Defense

Eugen Teodorovici, Minister of Finance

Dănuţ Andruşcă, Minister of Economy

In addition, there are ALDE Ministers, ALDE Ministers, Government Coalition Partners with PSD: Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Melescanu and Minister of Justice Tudorel Toader (not an ALDE member but a Minister appointed by the ALDE).

The presidential administration announced Tuesday that the CSAT secretariat has sent a document on the rectification of the budget to the Ministry of Finance with regard to the budgets of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of the Interior, SRI, SIE, SPP and STS. to the Ministry of Finance.

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