The great answer that the Romanian got with the inscription plates

Răzvan Ştefănescu, the driver of the anti-PSD registration car, recovered his driving license at the beginning of August. Prosecutors have submitted the file in which he was investigated for driving on a public highway of a vehicle registered in another State that does not have the right to travel in Romania.

Public prosecutors ordered the two anti-PSD message plates also to be returned to the Swedish authorities via the Swedish embassy in Bucharest. The Romanian has also received one reply from the Swedish authorities. Officials told him he could not keep the pads, but he can do other things he does not write. "We received a reply from the Swedish authorities to the registration numbers, and I was told that he did not return them, but I can do a few without using the word PSD, so M * IE is accepted!" Răzvan Ştefănescu his Facebook profile.

A month ago the owner of the Audi MZe PSD remained without a license, but without a license plate. Răzvan Ştefănescu was taken to the Bucharest street brigade to draw up a criminal file. The Swedish embassy responded and reported that, according to the Swedish transport agency, custom registration plates are valid for shipping outside Sweden. "A few days later, the Romanian police admitted that it was unpunished for the driver, and in particular, the institution announced that the traffic police were in danger of opening a criminal case on behalf of Răzvan Ştefănescu, relying on a provision of the Treaty of Vienna that has not been in force since 2016.

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