The grenades with which the Protestants of Victory Square were gasified are produced at the Mija Mechanical Plant in Dâmboviţa

Alexandru Dinică, technical non-commissioner, said that the ammunition used by the Gendarmerie is not dangerous and certified by all specialized committees. "All materials are deadly and certified by all organizations and law, Grenada is a Romanian production, it is made in Mija Mechanical Plant, Dâmboviţa, the 38 launchers are made in Italy, and in order to get it from Italy, I need certificates of all countries through which it passes the ammunition until it reaches me, & Dinica said.

The gendarmes gasped themselves, in the polygon, to show the press that the anti-trust weapons are safe: "Nobody hides the right to use gas and a meter"

In the meantime, a 62-year-old man died a week after he had not acted as tear gas from the diaspora.

The Alexandria County Hospital says that the man who participated in the protest of August 10 and died on Sunday night in the medical department, provided evidence of multiple cardiovascular and digestive problems, and said that he had been admitted to hospital for intensive care since August 15th. the diagnosis "Multiple ulcers" bleeding ".

The Alexandria Emergency County Hospital issued a press release on Monday stating that the 68-year-old man arrived at the medical department on August 15th through transmission, with superior digestive bleeding, "expressed by flour and severe anemic syndrome".

"Research confirmed the diagnosis of multiple bleeding ulcers and was admitted to the intensive care unit, where he received treatment that was specific to the critical patient, but worsened the patient's condition." On August 19 at 23.45 the man died, a cardio-respiratory arrest. We explain that the patient showed more heart and digestive problems. "The exact causes of death will be determined after necropsy," the Alexandria Emergency County Hospital reported.

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