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Friday is the last day on which public prosecutors can apply for a selection organized by the Ministry of Justice for the position of chief prosecutor of the DNA. By Thursday two prosecutors filed a complaint with the Ministry of Justice: Paula Tanase and Nicolae Lupulescu.

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Paula Tănase is a public prosecutor at the public prosecutor's office at the court of Galati.

Nicolae Lupulescu has the rank of Major General and works at the military prosecutor's office within the public prosecutor's office attached to the Supreme Court of Cassation and Justice, but has been posted to the MApN for a period of three years since March 14, 2016.

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In March 2017 Nicolae Lupulescu was nominated for the position of head of DIICOT, then deputy head of the Anti-Corruption Department, committed by military personnel within the DNA. He previously served as deputy chief prosecutor of the military prosecutors' department.

Nicolae Lupulescu led, among other things, the investigation into the Tuzla plane crash of July 5, 2010, resulting in the death of 12 soldiers.

In early August, the Ministry of Justice launched a new selection for the nomination for the vacant position of chief prosecutor of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate.

Candidates can request an entry for the vacant position up to and including Friday.

Rapid response from the DVI, according to Darius Vâlcov's SECRET protocol: & # 39; It is a deprecated protocol that no longer exists. There were two, a secret, a public & # 39;

The list of prosecutors who meet the legal conditions for participation in the selection and programming of the interviews will be shown on 29 August at the Ministry of Justice and on the website of the institution, followed by selected candidates from 3 to 5 September to support interviews with the Minister of Justice.

The selection results will be publicly announced on 6 September.

"The proposal / proposals of the Minister of Justice will be submitted to the High Council for Magistracy – Public Prosecutor, in order to obtain the opinion of this institution." The approved calendar may change according to the number of registered prosecutors, "said MJ.

On 27 July, the Ministry of Justice announced that the four applications for the position of Chief Prosecutor of the DNA were rejected and that the selection procedure would be resumed.

The four candidates who participated in the race were Florentina Mirica – chief prosecutor at the department for the fight against corruption of DNA, Cristian Lazar – deputy chief prosecutor at the prosecution department of the Attorney General, Marius Iacob – deputy chief prosecutor for DNA and Elena Grecu – chief prosecutor in the central DNA structure.

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The function of chief prosecutor of the DNA was released after Laura Codruta Kovesi was revoked by a decree issued on 9 July by President Klaus Iohannis, who made a decision of the Constitutional Court.

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