The paid lobby of Mr. Rudolph Giuliani and lawsuits of PSD leaders Mircea Morariu

Then, in January 2017, the PSD chairman, Liviu
Dragnea, it may not have been enough, the overwhelming victory in the elections
the party he is leading and wanted to achieve added value
credibility, even honorableness in person where it really matters
the context of major international politics. With great passage to the White House, placed
Reverend, respected, friend with the new tenant, Mr. Donald Trump.

That is why Mr. Dragnea walked to the cunt
party, bought travel tickets and bought a counter cost
invitation for one of the receptions with hundreds of guests, reception honored with
the presence of the new president of the United States. Such receptions are part of
of American political life, are considered perfectly legal, they are
who are part of the fundraising activities they need
American political parties, but also in the series of socializing exercises of everything
chairman at the beginning of the mandate and not only.

Let us recall the fact that in the United States the president of the country is
is in no way bound by any law, let alone the constitution,
have given up on him with the trust that invested him
represented at the elections. Let's not forget that not only in the country
American, but also in other Western countries, with consolidated democracies, activities
from lObby are strictly regulated and
both from a moral and legal point of view and from a tax perspective.

It is true that Mr. Dragnea has made a big presence
his reign at the above reception that happened to take place in the very
the days in Bucharest the government was led by Mr. Sorin Grindeanu was preparing
to give orders on amnesty and pardon. The photo's showed us one
Donald Trump because he no longer worries about the way he feels illustrious
his Romanian guest, more than ever asked him if he liked the soup and
if he did not want a double portion of dessert.

I remembered all this at the beginning of the week,
when a certain part of the press advertised in Bucharest with a lot of publicity
pump and surplus respect, far above because of the current position in the hands of
the sender of a letter that Mr. Klaus Iohannis
Rudolph Giuliani. Mr. Giuliani sent a letter like the president
Senate, Mr. Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, but even for Mr. Liviu Nicolae Dragnea.

In the letter, Mr. Giuliani criticizes secret protocols
which have been signed over time by various government agencies
Romanians involved in the act of justice and in combating corruption with services
secret, condemns the perverse effects of excesses in the fight against corruption and corruption
brings amnesty and grace. About the same style and the same words
and arguments made by PSD and ALDE communicators, nearby televisions,
friends or subjects to those parties or so-called "the smartest
woman in Romania, "none other than Mrs. Alina Mungiu-Pippidi.

The first character pulled forward to overevaluate
the importance of Mr. Giuliani's letter was none other than Senator Titus
Corlăţean. What I did not even know that he still exists after his sadness
as Minister of Foreign Affairs on the days of the first round of
presidential election in the autumn of 2014. Giuliani who
Certainly, he does it by expressing the thoughts of President Donald Trump, he speaks to us
America itself, so open your ears wide, urges us without fear of a
it seemed ridiculous. Titus Corlatean.

Former federal prosecutor, former mayor of New York
even the period in which the famous and tragic terrorist attacks took place
September 11, Mr. Giuliani is currently the personal advocate of the president
United States, Mr. Donald Trump. A position that he has a lot of work for
Mr. Trump cards are covered with many black spots, but they are also faced with many accusations
who, if they are taken to court, can even be the trigger
procedures accusation. And with
However, Mr. Giuliani has time to write letters to Romanian officials.

In fact, it is only about actions lobbypaid as such and
accordingly taxed, with a clear link with the fact that autumn
approach will involve duration and final sentences in a series of lawsuits
justice that many of the PSD leaders, led by Mr. Liviu Nicolae
Dragnea. The letter / letters from Mr Giuliani must be reflected in the table
usual to whom he bought his ticket Liviu Nicolae Dragnea. But with
the endless attacks where the PSD-ALDE government subjects the essence of the state
right from Romania. Mr. Giuliani is an instrument. A tool. Nothing anymore

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