The police do not hurt Rackets from Tandarei

Ialomiiski police officers have not opened an investigation into the Galaţi family who had been attacked by many robbers at the end of last week on the highway in Tandarei, without the police to whom the victims were calling to help them.

Through the voice of the spokesperson, Andreea Loghin, the police inspection of the province, Ialomita, said that no investigation had been opened in this case. The reason is hallucinatory: no complaint has been submitted. We remember that the members of the Elijah family who were attacked in the middle of the night of rockets were not afraid of death to stop at home in Galati, without having to return to the "wolf's mouth" to make a referral. "I was desperate and asked for help, and the 112 operator told my husband if we did not do anything to follow us:" Maybe you were in traffic or maybe you did something. "(…) While I was being watched, my husband phoned the 112 operator and tried to explain to him that it was appropriate to do something, telling him that the only police team allowed to intervene was only in Gura. Ialomiţei was (18 km away) and at Gura Ialomita we did not find a policeman, I cried desperately and asked for help, and the duty officer to whom our operator 112 had transferred, asked if we were following, he told us that there were several disagreements were among Roma clans in the area and that they probably misbehaved us, "recalls Carmen Ilie, the happy driver who managed to save his family from aggressive assailants.

Response from the police: no reaction

"The Superintendent performs some activities, also with a view to the above case, I can also tell you that controls are being carried out by the Internal Control Bureau to determine exactly how to intervene, how to take the call and all other issues, "said inspector Andreea Loghin yesterday, the spokesperson for the Ialomita County Police Inspectorate.

Police officers, mediators & # 39; between victims and aggressors

This case, like that on the E85 at the Sineşti forest, proves that the safety of the citizen becomes an ever more abstract concept. "It is clear that there are people within the Romanian police who protect certain perpetrators or criminal groups, and it is clear from this case that police officers want to be a kind of mediator between victims and aggressors, but this is very wrong, because if you do that, It offers you a form of protection against the offenders If we look sociologically at the incident, we can say that in smaller cities the police are even more insulting, because the incidents do not come to light Why in rural and small towns have we do not have so many institutions that can see or report abuse, "says sociologist George Butunoiu.

His response comes from statements by law enforcement officials on Tuesday that the police had even called one of the suspected assailants, the driver of the Audi A6 car that followed the family car in Galati, before the 112-somethings. A police officer arrived at the scene some time after the incident was consumed and found the individual. He would have admitted that he wanted to block the Elia family car with two children, but because he looked suspicious.

He was allowed to leave after the agents had closed a report with their findings.

As a result, four days after the Elijah family felt the terror that passed, more questions remain unanswered: why did the agents come into action so late, as there were horror scenes just before the headquarters of Tandare's police? Why was there no one at the police station? Why did the police not start an investigation in this case where we were talking about an attempted theft that might end with a tragedy?

Nobody helped them

On Friday evening through Saturday, the Elia family, who came back from the sea emergency to go to hospital with one of the sick children, were surrounded and blocked by three cars full of aggressive individuals. Although they called 112, the police did not help them. The members of the Elijah family – the father, the mother who was driving and their two little girls, managed to escape in the extreme. The woman did a lot of maneuvers, slipped between the cars that wanted to block them, even before the headquarters of the Tandarei police. A testimony of what has happened is the traces of boulders thrown into the car by aggressors. Carmen Ilie, who is driving, says he was swinging, hoping to be heard by a policeman, but in the Tandara police station all the lights were off. Even the service employee does not.

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