The Prefect of Bucharest, Hospera Cliseru, heard on the public prosecutor's office

UPDATE – Time 15.41: The Prefect of Bucharest, Hope Cliseru, heard from the Attorney General: "I have strictly respected the law; We have complied with the law of public meetings and that order of intervention fully complies with applicable legislation& # 39;

The prefect of the capital decided that the police would spread the demonstrators who attended the diaspora demonstration.

The decision of the prosecutor comes a day after Interior Minister Carmen Dan was present at hearings in the House of Commons Defense Committee in connection with violence at the diaspora rally on 10 August.

The meeting was attended by Raed Arafat, the head of Emergency Situations Department (DSU), Major Laurentiu Cazan, deputy general gendarmerie of public order and coordinator gendarmerie action in the protest of August 10, Sebastian Cucos, recently changed from Gendarmerie Ionuţ Sindile. However, since the hearings the Prefect of Bucharest, Clerus Hope, was missing.

The opposition has criticized the hearing with Minister Carmen Dan. Ovidiu Raţechi (PNL) said that he and his colleagues of the opposition, despite the "aggressive stance" of PSD legislators, were able to find that "de facto, de facto, he coordinated the operations" about the intervention of the authorities of the state about the participants in the demonstration on 10 August.

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