The prosecutor general's office opened a criminal case after Valcov published the SRI protocol

Prosecutors to the General Prosecutor have filed a complaint and opened a criminal case after Darius Valcov published the secret protocol signed by the Public Prosecution Service and the SRI.

The file was opened for violation of article 305 of the Penal Code for negligence in keeping the information, representatives of Mediafax told the prosecutor general's office.

The provisions of Article 305 of the Penal Code provide that: "(1) negligence resulting in the destruction, modification, loss or circumvention of a document containing state secret information, as well as negligence by which another person has found such information is punished with a prison sentence of 3 months to a year or a fine. (2) The same punishment will be punished with the actions stipulated in art. 303 par. (1) and art. 304 if they are committed by guilty. "

Darius Valcov, Premier Dancila's advisor, published a document on Facebook, claiming that it was a new protocol between the public prosecutor and the SRI and that would have remained anonymous.

Then SRI and the Attorney General came with public speeches.

Here are the explanations:

Liviu Dragnea used Valcov's post to launch new attacks against General Attorney Augustin Lazar and SRI.

Read more about: Dragnea, attack on SRI and the Public Prosecution Service, after the "revelations" of Valcov. Request for the investigation into the parliament and the judicial inspection.

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