The Romanian who was hospitalized in COMA in a hospital in Italy, after the collapse of the bridge at Genoa, died

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Romanian, who was originally declared dead after the fall of the bridge at Genoa, but who was actually admitted to a fourth degree coma in an Italian hospital, died on Saturday

 . ] Photograph of the article The Romanian who was hospitalized in COMA in a hospital in Italy, after the collapse of the bridge at Genoa, died

The Romanian hospitalized in a coma after the collapse of the bridge near Genoa [19659004] information about the incident on 14 August 2018 on the A10 motorway near Genoa after the fall of part of the Morandi viaduct, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the following remarks: The Romanian citizen who was injured by the collapse of the Morandi viaduct ceased to exist During this day, death was reported by doctors, both to the family and to Cons General of Romania in Torino in the hospital. Representatives of the consular team are in contact with the family of the Romanian citizen and provide the necessary consular assistance in such situations, including by issuing the necessary documents for the return of the prisoner and the death certificate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is sending sincere condolences to the troubled family at these extremely difficult times, "the Foreign Ministry said Wednesday, one of the Romanians who was declared dead after the collapse of the bridge the proximity of Genoa, Italy, is in actually living, but he is admitted to a deep IV coma. The ministry officials also said that "the error was reported during this day, with the arrival of the family who discovered that the body had been presented lifeless by the authorities. identification was not that of the Romanian citizen concerned. "

The sister of the Romanian who was declared dead in Genoa, but who was hospitalized in a deep coma, said that he was the last person to talk to the man and that he had a bad feeling, he did not feel well, the two had a sister who died at 2 o'clock

The woman also said she spoke with her brother half an hour before the bridge collapsed.

"He called me, asked me if we were at home , I told her that everything the world is fine and it sounds a bit strange in my voice, I asked him what he was with him and he told me that he had a bad, strange situation, that he was raining, he is on his way to Italy, it rains very hard and he does not feel well. It has a recently built house in Curtişoara, it is over, we sanctified it a while ago and I said that we do a meal every year. She even told me that Marian called her, she would be Holy Mary, she said she sent money to eat, to let people eat in his house. I told her we did not have time, let's do it in September. That was all our discussion. It seemed like he was feeling. He said he heard us, it sounds more. A maximum of half an hour has happened.

At least 42 people died after the collapse of part of the Poldevera viaduct (Morandi) on the A10 motorway, near the city of Genoa, according to the most recent unofficial balance sheet, the Corriere della Sera informs daily. Three other bodies were discovered in the last 24 hours under the rubble. According to ANSA, the firefighters have discovered the bodies of a nine-year-old girl and her parents in a "completely crushed" vehicle.

ANSA said the new balance is unofficial because the new victims have not been formally identified

Genoa prefecture has reported that press information can not immediately confirm that there are no missing persons after Tuesday's tragedy, according to The Associated Press.

The breaking of a steel cable probably caused the collapse of the suspended highway caused A10 in Italy by Genoa, a member of the Commission of Inquiry, quoted by the newspaper La Repubblica, said:

Saturday was declared national mourning day because public funeral ceremonies are planned in Genoa for some victims. But the families of some victims have decided not to attend ceremonies as a sign of anger about how the Italian authorities handled the incident, according to DPA.

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