The SRI-PG protocol signed by Lazar and Hellvig / Doru Buscu also speaks for another protocol: there is something wrong

In 2016, the Prosecutor General published a protocol with the SRI, valid today, setting out the concrete conditions for access to technical systems of the National Center for Interception of Communications. The document was signed by Public Prosecutor Augustin Lazar and SRI director Eduard Hellvig.

Photo of the SRI-PG protocol, signed by Lazar and Hellvig / Doru Buscu, also speaks with another protocol: there is something wrong

The SRI-PG protocol, signed by Lazar and Hellvig / Buscu, also speaks of a different protocol: there is something wrong

The protocol has been made public in TVR Romania & # 39; s TV 9 program.

"We do not know if it's a story, maybe it's a bull." In March 2016, the CCR banned a criminal investigation through the SRI, and as a result, the protocols that were still being discussed were approved at a very late time. The 2009 Protocol was released, statements from the Public Prosecution Service and the DVI also showed that this protocol is no longer valid because the law no longer covers these powers from the SRI, but a week ago a phantom started chasing the editorial office. is a document that casts doubt on the disappearance of protocols, between the public prosecutor and the SRI It is a document that replaces and repeals the protocol of 2009. We do not know if it is false or true. to be a forgery, "said journalist Doru Buscu, who has the weekly" Cativeni ".

He says that the protocol that is published on the website of the Public Prosecution Service would be different from the protocol that came with a few editorial offices.

"There are a lot of documents that are written by the editorial offices and some do not have the possibility to check their journalists. (…) This is a technical document, it's called a protocol, it seems to be infected, it's on a link and apart from the fact that it is called the same, it is not related to what I was talking about. Meanwhile, from the moment the book began, this protocol came up without anyone talking to him, without the Public Prosecution Service whether the Public Prosecution Service were protocols, but technical We do not know whether it is true or not, because it is difficult to check a secret document, but as a hypothesis, a journalistic scenario, a document has been passed on to a number of editors , the appearance of opportunity is visible, it has passed and its appearance, of which I have no doubt that he was able to find the services, he could lead to the preparation of another protocol because the effect does not only relate to Hellvig and Lazarus, so the circle of witnesses should be greater. It is logical to make an appeal to investigate these problems and to call on the SRI investigation committee to investigate them and then find out whether the protocols already exist. Interestingly, they were signed 4 days before the elections and signed after the RCA decision, which was firm. I can make a hypothesis: intuition must stop because the evidence is missing. The nose tells me that something is wrong, but we remember until the decisions of the competent authorities come, "said Doru Buşcu.

According to the document, which appears on the website of the Public Prosecution Service, where it would be inaccurate, the two parties work together according to their powers to establish concrete conditions for direct and independent access of the Public Prosecutor to technical systems of the National Center. for interception of communication. within the SRI to exercise technical supervision.

find here the entire protocol.

The document also provides for the promotion and assurance of permanent, rapid and efficient cooperation between the Romanian memory service, through its structures and the public prosecutor's office, and its structures respectively.

Chapter two of the protocol states that the SRI grants the Public Prosecutor's Office and the investigating authorities direct, direct and independent access to the technical systems that the National Communication Center for International Management possesses and manages for the execution of the issued authorization documents. on the basis of the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure or the special law, which aims to: grant the Prosecutor General direct access to the interception system to perform the technical supervision mandates, to make the public prosecutor's office use the computer applications of the communication distance center requires traders directly to the operators of electronic communications.

"The access of the Public Prosecution Service to technical systems is direct, direct and independent: through the use of specific interfacing applications, the management of the goals and the technical supervision mandates, the management of users within the structure connected to the system, the focus of the intercepted signal and its receipt by structures established by the Public Prosecution Service, the export of intercepted products by specific IT applications, "states the protocol.

SRI, as sole manager of the National Communications Interception Center, performs several protocol-based activities: it provides technical support through specialized application and equipment maintenance subfunds, provides the technical support needed to install and configure applications at the technical operating terminals in the administration of the Public Prosecution Service, including those located in the premises of this institution.

The document shows that the DVI is maintained and maintained by the SRI encryption equipment and is used by the General Prosecutor.

"The Public Prosecution Service undertakes: a) the equipment used to connect to the National Center for interception of communication shall be used for this purpose and its sharing in other networks is not permitted." The equipment originating from other networks with which the public ministry will not be used in the network of the national communication interception center, b) not carry out any software interventions (application tests, installation, configuration of new software applications or changes to existing configurations) on technical systems; to implement security, security and security policies and strategies, the cost of providing technical support for the realization of LANs in the buildings of the Romanian Public Information Service for the Public Prosecution Service, of the LAN networks in the offices of the parquet structures and of the communication links necessary for the interconnection of the parquet structures with the technical systems of the national center for communication interception "Says the document.

The public prosecutor may also ask the specialized SRI support unit if he / she has difficulty in using the technical systems. Upon request, the National Communications Interception Center also provides the technical interception solution for communication operators that do not have the active interception function. The provisions of the protocol must, as specifically mentioned in the document, apply to DNA and DIICOT to which they are communicated.

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