The two nurses in the Academic Hospital left the hunger strike after 17 days of protest – Health

Mariana Luceanu and Daniel Simion, the two nurses from the Emergency University Hospital in Bucharest, who were on hunger strike for 17 days because of protest against the working conditions in the medical department and in the health care, decided Wednesday to point out the protest. The announcement was made by USR deputy Emanuel Ungureanu, vice chairman of the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. The two hospital employees gave the protest after Minister of Health Sorina Pintea sent two representatives of the institution to discuss with them.

It should be remembered that Minister Sorina Pintea sent the Ministry of Health's control body to the university hospital in Bucharest on 6 August after the protest was launched by the two nurses.

"We went into the hunger strike because of the system's misery, material shortages, maternal equipment and outdated equipment, and we are indignant that after we work in the circumstances, we are also without money that huge wage increase that we double wage We have submitted the meal vouchers to the standard of food, took our tax 45% this month, we have determined that if we give you holiday vouchers we must give up so why pay if the land goes well and everything is in order, why us pay If the manager has dignity, why does not she give up her resignation to make the check work well? I called 112 today, I asked for a rescue that I do not feel well Rescue came, I clearly said that I do not want being admitted to the university hospital Madame dispatcher said that if I gave up the university this is the law in the nearest hospital to let me know that I refuse and I wrote in that magazine that I refused to graduate, then I went with a colleague in the Military Hospital, I went to the UPU in the basement. There were two gentlemen at the triad and I told them that I was on the hunger strike that I felt pity, "said Daniel Simion, for Mediafax, at the time of the protest.

"We decided whether Dan would make a clash, and I said it had to be one to take what he started, so I started at the University Hospital Registry today from 10 am for my participation in a general strike. until the manager resigns or will be fired because we can not accept this in health care in Romania in 2018. We can not accept the lies, the dictatorship, the foot on the head and the laziness of the leadership.) We personally have many irregularities seen, starting with the uniforms, we do not have slippers, I buy flip-flops from my money, the uniforms they wash at home We bring microbes from the family to our own children and old parents Eternal life is endangering patients in this hospital starting with UPU and ending with the mortuary, "said Mariana Luceanu, who also took part in the protest.

At the beginning of August 15 employees of the University Hospital of Bucharest protested for the institution, dissatisfied that they were allowed to choose between holiday vouchers and maximum bonuses. They also complained about the lack of materials in the hospital.

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