The violent scandal of 10 August. What explanation was given by Dan, Arafat and Cazan to the parliament

Representatives of opposition leaders have been accused and Carmen Dan has talked about what he did at the Ministry of the Interior during the night of 10 to 11 August, where an abundance of new grammatical errors were committed.

Night at the Ministry of the Interior

Carmen Dan reiterated that she had been in the ministry's personal office during the rally on 10 August, and stated that she initially received her information from the media.

"Initially I got my TV information. (…) We analyzed everything that was spoken in the media and as I said, I interrupted my leave and came to the headquarters of the ministry, and I stayed in my office all the time The only thing I asked was to be informed, I left the ministry around 3 am when my colleagues completed the mission, I had sensitive topics to talk about, a weapon disappeared, I had two beaten gendarmes hospitalized and it seemed quite normal that I got information from them, it was not an operative meeting, it was an information meeting, an opportunity I asked for a first report the next day. (…) I I have the report after the mission of 10 August, but I would rather, and I think it is normal to start by specifying the role and competence of Minister Carmen Dan on August 10. I say this because it is normal that technical ask by specialis to be answered. That is why Raed Arafat is standing next to me. On other topics we will discuss on the basis of the report, we have stated that we have all the transparency when we carry out the legal process, "Dan said in the committee.

"The degree of aggressiveness of those who have forced access to the government"

She stated that she did not appear in Parliament on the basis of an official invitation. "We did not come to the committee on the basis of an official invitation, we have come to the idea that we can have a quorum today and we will show you the aspects that you consider relevant. I have no reservations whatsoever whether you decide to request the presence of the prefect of Bucharest. (…) Of course, to give as much detail as possible, we come to the report, but I indicate that they do not answer the technical questions because the minister has not coordinated them. You have referred to the particularly aggressive intervention of the gendarmes. The commander of the operation will provide much more clarification, but I have indicated that the MIA is already an internal investigation. Perhaps we will also talk about the degree of aggressiveness of those who have forced the government to put the gendarmes under constant pressure. I hope we come to that point too. Specialized structures have identified 6 cases in which gendarmes were possible authors of crimes, "Dan said.

10 gendarmes committed offenses

The minister has announced that so far six cases have been identified "in which 10 gendarmes have been reported as perpetrators of criminal offenses". "The Gendarmerie's internal investigation continues, with the specialized structures identifying six cases in which 10 gendarmes of public order were reported as potential authors of criminal offenses, which will be the subject of Gendarmerie notifications to the Military Ministry. as far as we will identify new situations, this is the legal approach that we intend to continue ", the minister said.

Arafat finds no connection between the gas and the death of the demonstrator

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