The weather 3 September. Weather forecast with extreme weather: thunderstorms, cold weather

The weather on 3 September makes it known again to the extreme: on the one hand thunderstorms with lightning, on the other hand hotheads. Meteorologists announce it again on Monday in Romania.

According to the NMA it is warm again until September 3, and the average daily temperature varies from day to day, but is generally between 30 and 33 degrees. Then it will cool down again, the thermal peaks will mark a drop to 28 degrees, a value that will remain constant between 4 and 9 September. In the first part of the forecast period, the average temperature is 18 degrees and between 30 August and 1 September the average nighttime temperature is around 17 degrees. Between 2 and 9 September the thermal peaks will remain relatively constant, around 15 degrees. There will be short, short rain showers between 27 August and 29 August and 2 September to 9 September, but these will only be reported in restricted areas.


According to the weather, the weather forecast brings severe weather conditions to the capital, meteorologists announce 32 degrees in thermometers. The clouds usually remain clear and no rain is expected. At night there are clouds and wind blowing moderately. The amount of precipitation in the mountains is zero and the minimum temperatures reach 17 ° C according to


Get ready for the beautiful mountain weather! For months, stormy showers, windstorms and electric discharges are expected. The weather forecast brings lightning storms in the afternoon formation and falling temperatures. The maximum and minimum temperatures are between 27 ° C and 13 ° C, and the sky is partially cloudy, both during the day and during the night. The amount of precipitation will reach 1 l / m². The rains will continue on Wednesday 5 September 2018.

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