The wedding of the year brought them a small fortune. The guests felt good and generous

As expected, the menu was refined, based on fish. However, at the dawn of the day, Sarmale mixed with the moons.

The conclusion was one: the wedding was a success, from all points of view!

He made a calculation based on the revelations of some guests, and the sum collected by the young family would be more than 500,000 euros, according to

There were so many people that you could not even meet anyone, but talk. I, one, do not know exactly who was at the wedding and who did not, "said one of the guests.

It's true, the tent was huge. If you had the table on one side, your chances of exchanging a few words with someone on the other side were almost nil. Nevertheless, some absences have been noticed and remarkable.

First Bombonica Prodana, the mother of the groom and the ex-wife of Liviu Dragnea. The rumors say the junior would have liked his mother next to the wedding, but the PSD leader was against it.

Secondly, the Pandele-Firea family. Gabriela Firea celebrated the civil ceremony of Valentin Dragnea with Gina Tătulescu as mayor general of Bucharest, but she and her husband, Florentin Pandele, did not participate in the Snagov Palace party.

Menu of 110 euros, envelopes with rounded amounts

He ate well, ate exotic. Salmon fillet of smoked salmon with yoghurt and dill sauce, full-au-vent with smoked trout, walnuts, basil and green onion, but also pork liver with Porto wine taste, plus turkey breast liver.

Salmon fillet first. Three types of meat in the second.

The charm came together with the party music and the blue heart of Florin Salam. They went to the wedding dances.

The guests, with minor exceptions – such as former Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, who was not at the party for more than half an hour, enjoyed themselves until the morning. And after the departure, after congratulations, thank you, they discreetly left the gift for the young family at the beginning of the journey.

More than half a million euros

Dragne's boy has therefore accumulated little fortune at the Snagov party. We mention that the wedding menu was 110 euros per person and according to Libertatea the smallest wedding gift, in addition to the amount for "cutlery", was 390 euros. In particular, a total amount of 500 euros remained in the envelope. Other guests, more generous, have packed the envelope, in addition to the amount for "cutlery", a "supplement" worth 500 euros.

But because we are not talking about a wedding, but about the son of the leader of the most powerful political party in Romania, there were enough wedding guests who had raised the bar much higher and left the bridal gifts that exceeded the value of 1,000 euros.

Freedom made a simple calculation, taking into account the number of guests and the value of the "gift" that was revealed by some participants. And it follows that Dragnea Jr. has earned more than half a million euros.

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