They did it! One million signatures for & # 39; No punishments in public fun & # 39;

• Of these, 44,000 were collected in Brasov
The Citizens Initiative "Without Penalties in Public Functions" collected one million signatures from Romanians from Romania and from abroad, announced a USR release. 44,000 signatures come from Brasov. "Dear Braşovists, today we have exceeded the number of one million signatures across the country for the" Without Penalties in Public Functions "initiative, of which 44,000 signatures are yours! Thanks to you, we are one step closer to getting rid of the convicted persons from the head of state institutions, "wrote USR Brasov on the Facebook page.
By the way, Brasov was the first province in the country to hand over to the town hall the lists of more than 20,000 signatures for the citizens' initiative "Without penalties in public functions". 14,000 of the signatures were at that time in the city of Braşov and 9,000 from the municipalities. These were submitted on Friday, July 20 by the chairman of the initiative group Mihai Badea and USR President Dan Barna.

"Together we can save Romania"

"The campaign" No punishment "has become a social phenomenon, and in the past five months I have spoken to citizens of all ages, from all over the country, sympathizers of parties, members or leaders of political parties.There are two Romanians, it is one, honest people who want an equal law for everyone and a future for them and their children, all with anger, trust or hope.In the last five months I have felt that citizens want to make their voices heard , and the first shout is through the message of the "No Punishment" initiative, and nowadays a million Romanians believe Romania should be governed differently, more responsibly and more carefully, together we are a force and together we can save Romania, "said USR president. Dan Barna. According to the source, more than 5,000 volunteers from all over Romania and the diaspora have joined the initiative to bring the message of the initiative: Romania needs people in leadership, some of whom are victims of numerous violations by police, gendarmerie and mayors who have used their functions to stop drawing.

The law requires 500,000 signatures

The signal from the Romanian actors contributed to the success of the initiative. More than 80 artists from all over the country responded to the attraction of Marius Manole and changed the streets for over a week with over 90,000 signatures. After the week of the actors, the volunteers joined them in the weeks dedicated to pharmacists, pensioners and bloggers who went to the University Square to tell Bucharest that Romania needed honest people in public positions. According to Act 189/1999, a citizens' initiative to amend the Constitution requires 500,000 signatures, of which 20,000 will come from at least 21 provinces in the country, collected six months after publication in the Official Gazette. The "No Penalty" initiative meets both conditions and will arrive in Parliament after the signatures will have been validated by the mayors. Although the law stipulates that the signatures come from 20 provinces plus the capital of the country, the No Punishment initiative has exceeded the threshold of 20,000 signatures in 23 provinces: Alba, Arges, Bacau, Bucharest, Bihor, Brasov, Cluj, Constanta, Galaţi, Hunedoara, Iaşi, Ilfov, Maramureş, Mureş, Neamţ, Prahova, Sibiu, Suceava, Timiş, Tulcea and Vaslui, the source cited.

Modification of art. 37 of the Constitution

The Initiative "Without penalties in public functions" proposes that Article 37 of the Constitution on the right to be elected is supplemented by a new paragraph, the third paragraph, which reads as follows: "They can not be elected in government bodies in the Chamber of Deputies, in the Senate and in the function of President of Romania, the citizens permanently convicted of deprivation of liberty for deliberately committed crimes until a situation that removes the effects of the conviction intervenes. "The Initiative Committee is chaired by the lawyer Mihai Badea and among the members are the philosopher Mihai Şora, the writer Gabriel Liiceanu, the pianist Dan Grigore, the lawyer Eugen Vasiliu, the civic activist Valeriu Nicolae, the chairman of the GTG 3010 Collective Association Eugen Iancu, the members of the group OZANA NEGRU Mihai Tudorică, representative of the German Democratic Forum of Romania, Klaus Fabritius, as well as citizens involved in social actions.

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