Three tourists drowned in the last hours at sea

Alert on all the Romanian coast! Three tourists drowned in the last hours in Mamaia, Costineşti and Olimp. Two other people were saved at the last moment. Among those who have lost their lives, there is also an 18-year-old from Dâmboviţa.

The young, drowning boy was with his family on vacation at sea. Although the red flag flew and the rescuers warned him, he went into the water to repair a ball. He disappeared under the eyes of his father in the waves.

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There were high waves and dangerous currents when Razvan and his father went into the water to play volleyball. The red flag flew to the coast, and just a few minutes before the tragedy, a lifeguard drew the attention that they risked their lives.

Cristian Naum, lifeguard: I tried to throw the boy in the sand, put the boy on the cork, on the cork as we call him, he fainted. & # 39;

The 18-year-old died in the hands of doctors directly on the beach of Olimp. It was a black day by the sea. The first emergency calls came from the Costinesti resort in the morning. Where the red flag announces the danger of death.

A 38-year-old tourist from Sibiu was drawn by the current just off the coast. It is located in a remote area that is not guarded by lifeguards.

Cătălin Rădeţ, Ambulance Service Constanţa: "CPR maneuvers were performed for about 70-80 minutes, unfortunately not successful."

In the north of the coast, in Mamaia, the yellow flag was flown, which meant that only professional swimmers were allowed to enter the water.

And here a man died. Not yet identified. But the rescuers believe that he probably had a heart attack and could not come back to the coast.

Since the beginning of the season, the black balance has reached 20 deaths. Hundreds of people were out of the waves, dozens of them – at the last minute. Today these men were in shock when they were repaired by the rescuers.

In Eforie, a 22-year-old jumped from the stable. Sheenila pulled him out of the crowd and brought him to the hospital. He told the doctors that he no longer felt his hands and feet.

Many went into the water with mattresses. People see the fun in the waves, not the danger.

In every resort there are areas where a stable or embossed sea creates strong waves.

Starting from Navodari, Mamaia, Eforie, Costinesti, Jupiter and Venus, tourists are exposed to dangers.

There are areas where deep wells are created on the coast, and inside there is a current that draws even those who think they know how to swim down. Meteorologists say that despite the warmer temperatures, there will still be strong winds on the coast.

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