Unbelievable! An opponent broke his leg in Tolea Ciumac in a kickboxing match. Video • Fanatik.ro

Tiuma Ciumac caused a terrible accident for Andrei Raita, his opponent in a kickboxing match in Deva at the weekend. Andrei Raita, said Endre, broke his tibia after he tried to hit Basarabian!

It all happened seconds after the start of the match, Endre & # 39; s foot breaker was Tolea and the Hunedorean hunter's leg crunched to the horror of those present at the gala. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Tiulia Ciumac caused a terrible accident in a kickboxing match against his opponent. What did you post on Facebook?

"With Endre I wanted to make a nice match and beat him very hard, but not so, if I had expected this, I'd rather hit it just to avoid this injury, I'm sorry, and I'm not just talking. nothing back.All we have to do is stand next to him, support him to do good, because he is a man and courage is not lacking ", was the reaction of Tolea Ciumac on Facebook.

Toula (Anatoli) Ciumac, who has inflicted a terrible accident on his opponent, has built a reputation in Romania as a K1 hunter, bodyguard, TV star, but also through his connections with the underworld. Nor is his opponent at the bottom of this chapter, but on the contrary! Andrei "Endre" Raita is known as the leader of the old iron mafia in Hunedoara, even sentenced to 14 years in prison for different counts.

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