Vanghelie about the protest of 10 August: the collective was tried. Involve, Coldea, Ciolos

Marian Vanghelie, the former mayor of Sector 5, said that the Diaspora protest was organized on August 10th according to the "Collective Model", and that behind the action people would be like Dacian Ciolos and Florian Coldea and a party like USR.

Vanghelie & # 39; s photo of the protest of 10 August: the collective was tried. Involve, Coldea, Ciolos

Vanghelie about the protest of 10 August: the collective was tried. Involve, Coldea, Ciolos

"Unfortunately for Romania I think the collective variant was tried, in a less organized formula, but not so good to get out because they were confused." I explained that we unfortunately have the chance because we have politicians and go to outside institutions and take their azimuth and because they are as they are – especially Dacian Ciolos – thanks to them we allow the secret services of some countries to Romania destabilize and participate in it. in the form of a collective in which the prime minister resigns or the government falls, "Marian Vanghelie told Dcnews.

"Without wanting to nominate Florian Coldea because only the anarchy and the change of formulas can help him, even though he has some communication with the current power, he has communication, but I think he plays with the opposition, he plays the triple. but a component part, I do not consider Ciolos as a part, just like the USR, if USR equals Coldea, Cioloş equals Soros, Macovei, equal, equal, right, "said Vanghelie on Dcnews.

Marian Vanghelie also spoke to Dacian Ciolos, Monica Macovei and a "good friend of Soros" about how the situation in Romania can be destabilized.

"Macovei with Cioloş in Paris, at a table with an important French pressman who is a man next to Soros and discusses the financial solution, being the nearest tables … They were talking about financing to destabilize Romania, Ciolos and Macovei. They said they could get funding faster, & # 39; said the former Social Democrat leader.

Prosecutors have so far registered 386 complaints filed by demonstrators against gendarmes, inform the public prosecutor's office, which further declares that 22 cases have been opened in the public prosecution department attached to district 1 court after the violence of the protest of August 10 criminal.

Also, in the file registered with the Prosecutor's Office at the Prosecutor's Office, the prosecution was ordered of the criminal action against three men accused of committing crimes and disorder and public peace (for two of them) and stealing the woman of the gendarmerie (for the third). The three are currently under preventive arrest.

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