Vanghelie scanned and spoke

Former mayor of sector 5 Marian Vanghelie said that the protest of 10 August was organized according to the "Collective Model".

"Unfortunately for Romania I think the collective has been tried, in a less organized formula, but not so good to get out because they got confused, I explained that unfortunately we have the possibility because we have used politicians and institutions have gone outside and they take their azimuth and because they are as they are – in particular Dacian Ciolos – thanks to them we have wanted the secret services in some countries and participates in the destabilization of Romania.Concretely it was a form of college where either the prime minister would resign or the government would fall, "Vanghelie told Dcnews.

"Without wanting to nominate Florian Coldea because only anarchy and change of formulas can help him, even if he has some communication with the current power, he has communication, but I think he plays with the opposition, he plays triple. not as an organizer, but as a part, I do not consider Ciolos as a part, just like the USR, if USR is equal to Coldea, Cioloş is equal to Soros, Macovei, right, right, right, Vanghelie said about rally.

Marian Vanghelie also spoke to Dacian Ciolos, Monica Macovei and a "good friend of Soros" about how the situation in Romania can be destabilized.

"Macovei with Cioloş in Paris, at a table with an important French press man who is a man next to Soros and discusses the financial solution, is at the table … They were talking about money to destabilize Romania, Ciolos and Macovei said how can faster get funding, "said the former Social Democrat leader.

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