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Victor Ponta, leader of the Pro party, said Thursday about the government's proposed rectification of the budget and said that the executive will take money from the Treasury, which means that the government can not pay in case of crisis. Ponta also announced that Romania is the most expensive country in the European Union and has recently surpassed Greece as a leader in this ranking.

Victor Ponta said Thursday at a press conference in Constanta that the budget review of the government has several problems.

"We looked for the people who have made budget reviews and I want to tell you two things that we are trying to address as problems in Parliament Firstly, no funds have been allocated to local authorities to cover the costs of the subordinate structures. We will have thousands of people working in local structures and no wages in September, and it is clear that no leu has been assigned to any of the local or national projects, "said Ponta, quoted by

Another problem that the former prime minister has established is that the government will take money from the Treasury.

"And something has happened that has not happened since the crisis of 2010. The rectification mandate stipulates that the government will take money from the Treasury, that reserve for everyone who knows what government funds are for the money you have, you are also required to keep them in crisis situations, to cover your 3-4 months of import or to cover your debt, "explained Victor Ponta.

He argues that the government is incapable of work in an extremely difficult situation and will have to borrow.

"I think that every normal person has or is trying to put money aside for a crisis, the Romanian state has set aside this money from the privatization period, from 2007-2008, nobody has come across it, neither the Boc government, Ponta government even less This is the first time this happens and I want to tell you what this means: (…) means that the Romanian government will not be able to pay and find someone urgently in an extremely difficult situation, IMF, someone otherwise to give him money, "said the former PSD leader.

Ponta also said that Romania is the most expensive country in the European Union and surpasses Greece. The former prime minister said that Romania is on its way to bankruptcy.

"Romania is the most expensive country in Greece, more expensive than Greece, and I have seen the data from early August, the first time Greece is no longer the most expensive borrower, but Romania, which means that we will pay all our pockets. I want to say very clearly that without going into details, we will go bankrupt and the problem with this bankruptcy is who pays the bill, who is in charge of paying it, "said Victor Ponta.

He was in Constanta on Thursday, where a meeting of the provincial coordinators of Pro Romania took place. Ponta announced that the congress of the party will take place in Bucharest on 20 and 21 October.

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