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Former Prime Minister Victor Ponta argues that the PAP epidemic is an economic and social catastrophe caused by incompetence and corruption, and claims that the authorities did nothing, although the first outbreak occurred a year ago.

Ponta wrote on his Facebook page about an emergency ordinance with dedication, which gave a company a preference in the neighborhood of the political environment.

"The bankruptcy of the private veterinary assistance system in the rural area of ​​Romania is an aim in itself of FARMAVET, which in its strategy has the opening of more than 300 cabinets and pharmacies in rural areas", accuses the former prime minister.

According to him, the PPA is "an attack on the national security of Romania that affects millions of people (especially rural areas, especially people who voted for PSD to be protected and helped when needed)".

The former prime minister has warned that if no immediate action is taken, an equal threat to the sheep is raised (he refers to the plague of small ruminants, a disease that Bulgaria is facing and that the Romanian authorities claim to try to stay away from our country). "This means that people will also buy Christmas and Easter lambs – the Romanian farmers will go bankrupt – FARMAVET will do well together with its political patrons!" Ponta added.

"We have had enough of this kind of crises when I was Prime Minister / I saw other crises during the time that I was only a member of the government or when I was in the opposition / what happens in 2018 is a catastrophe that can only be compared is with the famous "avian influenza" managed equally disastrous by the famous "Minister Flutur"! I now asked all the specialists I know: how did we get into this situation? what should be done? how should I do it if it happened during my first service? "Ponta wrote on the Facebook page and added a long list of the experts with whom he spoke.

Here is the list published by Victor Ponta on his Facebook page:


1. PPA is a viral disease that causes 100% mortality in the affected animals – there is no vaccination or treatment / but there is no danger to humans The disease is not transferable to humans / non-discriminatory slaughter of all animals in a geographical area is not justified – a panic action that does not take into account the consequences
2. The first outbreak of PPA in Romania was officially confirmed in August 2017 in Satu Mare – so a year ago !!!! And yet the Roman authorities have done nothing
3. Shortly after confirming the existence of the PPA in Romania, the European Commission published a report with recommendations and warnings stating that the Romanian state has not taken all necessary measures to prevent the spread of the disease: to limit the number of wild boar, inspections on the farms do not carry out random checks and laboratory analyzes, the system for monitoring movements of pigs on Romanian soil, biosafety on non-professional farms, the lack of capacity to organize the killing and incineration of corpses in the case of an illness in the large professional farms The report of the European Commission emphasizes the violation of several directives by Romania.
4. In August 2018 we are talking about more than 800 outbreaks of PPA in Romania, more than 118,000 killed pigs, this week more than 140,000 pigs were killed in one of the largest pig farms where it was confirmed the presence of the PPA virus . It has thus been proven that the European Commission's warnings are fairly followed by economic losses of more than 1 billion euros, including the destruction of the pig farming sector in Romania.
5. More seriously, the pigs will disappear completely from the household by attacking the traditions and livelihoods of the Romanian farmer. It is the biggest blow the Romanian zoo has received over the past 50 years (precisely the year in which the country's main political leader is owned by a pig farm and the Minister of Agriculture is the most praised minister in the government)!


1. THE GOVERNMENT & FARM Company has become an ally of those who have to supervise animal health, food safety and public health – veterinarians / have adopted regulations and laws that allow FARMAVET to import and market hygienic veterinary medicines without any permission or control!
2. One of these companies, FARMAVET, benefited from Regulation No 70 which allows anyone to set up a veterinary pharmacy by excluding the requirement of the presence of a veterinarian in the package of holdings of veterinary pharmacies Establishing as they are throughout Europe – this normative act poses a real threat to public health in the context of the anti-bioresist phenomenon.
3. The main supplier of disinfectant solutions for PPA, recommended by ANSVSA, is FARMAVET – the person who previously supplied a disinfectant for bird flu. Free veterinarians in all villages and municipalities of Romania have contracts with the state for actions to prevent and control animal diseases based on rates that should have been periodically negotiated. This program also includes inspection twice a year in professional and non-professional animal farms. ANSVSA, for the first time in history, did not respect the recommendations of the European Commission to carry out these inspections, precisely in 2018, when Romania was threatened by the PPA. This has made it difficult to harvest, transport and execute diagnostic tests for PPAs, as highlighted by the European Commission's report on PPAs.
4. Although cattle fairs should have been banned according to the Commission's recommendations, they were encouraged by Minister Petre Daea in an obvious populist action. The bankruptcy of the private system of veterinary assistance in the rural area of ​​Romania is a goal of FARMAVET, which in its strategy has the opening of more than 300 cabinets and pharmacies in rural areas.
5. There is compensation for the killed pigs. Will the government have the money to compensate hundreds of thousands of killed pigs, since the European Commission will refuse to co-finance such damage because the recommendations of the European Commission have not been followed? How many companies go bankrupt? How many people stay on the road? How many farmers will remain without pigs and without money?
6. However, it is important to note that following the adoption of Regulation 71/2017, FARMAVET's turnover and profits have increased exponentially / do you want to know who this FARMAVET company is, for which all laws are being amended?

To summarize: the swine fever could be prevented, but the incompetence of the people who were promoted in 2017 under the leadership of the responsible institutions made this impossible / through corruption the recently adopted legislative changes led to the favoring of a certain company that will import more and more medicines and marketing sanitary vets for animals in Romania that will be increasingly affected by various diseases and epidemics!

Update: Sheep breeders have already announced that, just as in the case of pigs in a few months time has happened, a sheep epidemic will break out in sheep – with consequences that are as serious as pig pests! This means that people will also buy Christmas and Easter lamb when they import – Romanian breeders go bankrupt – FARMAVET will thrive with its political protector! "

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