Victor Slav, present at the wedding of his best friend, Bogdan Vlădău

Bogdan Vlădău and Gina Chirilă became husband and wife and chose God on the first day of September to marry religious. Under the stars was Victor Slav, the best friend of the groom, who wanted to make a wish on social networks.

After his separation from Bianca Drăguşanu, Victor did not show that he had a relationship, according to his statements he has not found anyone yet. So the presenter at Kanal D came alone and accompanied us to the most important event of his "brother".

"Stone house and many years old dear brother! 20 years of true friendship"Wrote Victor Slavisch to the published photo, which appears next to Bogdan Vlădau.

Bianca, the truth about the divorce of Victor Slav: "We were not happy for long!"

Bianca Dragusanu and Victor Slav have spoken about goodbyes in the past six months and have decided to end the relationship. They are very good friends and together they raise the little girl Sofia Natalia. The little one does not know and does not feel that her parents are divorced, says Bianca.

"I am an honest and presumed man, we were not happy for a long time, we have been talking about this for the last six months after celebrating New Year together, we were not happy, you can not mimic happiness if it is not. a responsible and capable man Victor will always be with us We have a great child together and I am sure Sofia will not feel that we are divorced It is better to see us unhappy If my child sees me as unhappy she is unhappy, about love is not spoken is life ", explained Bianca Dragusanu during the Xtra Night Show. (Read and Love has "arrested" Bianca in Nuba Mamaia)

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