VIDEO Agglomeration on roads to Bucharest. How is movement on the main veins?

Most of the roads that go to the capital were busy on Sunday, the rows of cars dropped for miles.

There are queues at Valea Prahovei (DN1), Valea Oltului (E81), Autostrada Soarelui (A2), the highway Bucharest-Pitesti (A1) and on the road from Alexandria to Bucharest.

Police officers expect to see even higher traffic values ​​in the coming hours, especially in the capital.

According to the Infotainment Center of the Road Police, at 4:00 pm, in Constanta County, traffic on DN39 is intense. It is difficult to drive to the exit of the A4 and the entrance to DN39, at Agigea (low capacity to take the highway from the motorway). Between the resorts Eferie Nord and Eforie Sud it runs in both directions

On the highway A2 Bucharest – Constanţa the traffic values ​​are raised in the direction of the capital. On the other hand, there are no special fluency problems – normal traffic.

Aglomerat is also in the taxi station in Feteşti, because many drivers prefer to pay the bridge tax directly at the desk to pay the rate at petrol stations or by SMS

Recommendations for road police [19659002] Drivers traveling on motorways, advising police officers along the road:

to comply with legal speed limits; 19659002] to remain at an appropriate distance so that they

can safely stop to use the dipped beam

to ensure and signal when the lane

is modified (19659002) to give priority to the leaving the service areas

not to move or stop on the emergency lane, except in justified cases

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