VIDEO. Digi announces "the first image campaign in the history of the group". The spot was filmed at various locations in Bucharest and Prahova

VIDEO. Digi announces

Digi has launched today what it claims to be "the first image campaign in the history of the group", founded by Zoltan Teszari, a group that until last year was called RCS & RDS. The campaign is full of video clips and falls under the slogan – Connect # Unlimited for 25 years.

It is the first image campaign in the Digi group. So far, the group founded by Zoltan Teszari – which operates for only a year under the name Digi, has conducted campaigns, but for different products and services. For example for satellite television services 14-15 years ago, with Serban Huidu and Mihai Găinuşă, or the Belgravistan series, for Digi Mobile, for which he worked with the Papaya Advertising Agency.

According to company representatives, the new place tells the story of the company and its evolution, in parallel with the transformation of Romanian society. The video also highlights some moments in the life of a Romanian born during the 1989 revolution.

The production of the TV commercial is made with ordinary people, it mentions the same source. These include:

"Nursing in the role of the mother, the passionate electronics withdrew as the grandfather of the motorcycle, the model as the young mother is only three of them." Another figure and 17 protagonists complement the representation.

The scenes were filmed at different locations in Prahova and Bucharest. Specifically, the film platoons were a garage in the Militari district, General School no. 8 Campina, a terrace of the Romanian Athenaeum, Paltinu Dam (Prahova), a bar, an old street in Bucharest and a few frames on Castel Film Plates.

The campaign started today, August 27, and runs for a month on TV, radio, online and social media. The spot will also be on display in cinemas from October to November.

Production team:


Tudor Dumitraşcu (creation and direction)

Tony Pisaroglu (producer)

Claudiu Boboc (Production Unit Manager)

Liviu Pojoni and Adrian Rugina (Picture Directors)

George Popa (original soundtrack)

Petru Mărgineanu (voice) (images)

O-video (color)

Production house: H5

Sergei Bulgac, CEO of the Digi Group RCS & RDS:

"The campaign shows Digi | RCS & RDS has helped improve Romanians' lives, and gradually introducing increasingly more advanced technologies and increasingly diversifying content.With a courageous corporate vision, today we are leaders in Romania in the market of cable television services and internet services.

To get here, I worked, I was innovated, I experienced, I made groundbreaking in the field of telecommunications. In this way we have been able to offer millions of subscribers the best possible electronic communication services at competitive prices and to conquer the Digi brand outside the borders in Hungary, Spain and Italy.

We are proud of these achievements of our teams, obtained with a unique recipe: we were and are boundless to the ambitions of Romanians "

Video clip – Digi: Connect # Unlimited

author: Raul Bambu

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