VIDEO / Niculae Bădălau, filmed at a party where he sang: "Let the Diaspora come, that we will live on it."

A record in which PSD Senator Niculae Bădălau appears at a party with the song "The Diaspora to come, We Need It" was published on Facebook by USR Adjunct Adrian Prisnel. Accused by Prisnel that he also sang the verse, Bădălău denied.

"The images with Niculae Bădălău, one of the most important barons in the PSD, sing" in the morning: "to come to the diaspora, that we live" "once again shows the hatred that thieves have against all honest men, expelled from Romania by these punishments.

They beat them, treated them at Victory Square, separated hundreds of thousands of mothers from their children and now they want to show how much I despise them.

The Romanians gather at weddings, in mafia circles, defy citizens by wealth and tell us they are the state.

No, you are not Romania. Romania is honest people. We will demonstrate this at every opportunity: protest, voice, political involvement. ", wrote Adrian Prisnel, on Facebook.

Niculae Bădălău admitted she was at the party, but denied that she was playing that verse.

"I was at a party where some sang silly things, I completely reject them, I have no idea, nor have I heard the miserable sentences they have said, I am a serious man, how can I say things, where we talking about it.In this life there are people who fight against the plains and are exalted.

That does not mean that if I were there, I would approve or have ordered those fools. I think it's a scam, I do not know. You know me very well from the public statements, that I do not approve of it and do not use this language. How can I say something about some people? "says Niculae Bădălău, according to Newsweek.

Nicolae Bădălău, leader of the PSD department in Giurgiu, also stated in Romania that the party he attended was also given to his nephew.

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