(VIDEO) Political joy, with fireworks and Dragnea & # 39; s "dead"

Hallucinatory statements by the Mayor of Iasi, Mihai Chirica, after the fireworks scheduled for Monday evening to mark the end of the Iasi holiday, were canceled a few hours earlier. ISUs could not release the required authorization by saying that there is too much fire risk because there are refueling stations in the area, but Chirica thinks that the work is "red wire" and produced shock signals.

"(…) We do not try to force the law, it is not my mission as the mayor to be the first to adjust the disorder. (…) I will see why the location where she is 25 years old no longer suddenly is possible. (…) This story is sewn with a red thread, but the Iskans will enjoy a very nice concert. (…) Even if we have to take Teleorman out, we shoot it from there. (..) .) We will be here when Dragnea dies and all lichens. (…) And we will continue our mission for the Iasi, and we will also make fireworks and we will enjoy the Iasi holidays. And at the funeral of any of my money I will make a small fire of authorized fireworks and I will keep the word"Said Mihai Chirica, taken over by Ziarul de Iasi.

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