VIDEO Press Conference of the Attorney General of Romania, Augustin Lazar, at 15.00

The Attorney General has assured Monday that he will publish all correspondence he has with the members of the Superior Council of the Magistracy and the representatives of the Ministry of Justice about the protocols that were concluded with the DVI on Monday. Lazar claimed that the existence of these protocols had long been known and that the Minister of Justice and the SCM received the documents to prove that the prosecution had nothing to hide.

"Nothing is surprising for a rational man and suddenly someone who has an urgent need to produce a legal caramel." The urgent need is clearly subordinate to independent justice, which seems to be impartial in what is being done at the moment. to subordinate the Public Prosecution, which now seems to be impartial in its sensitive questions, "said Augustin Lazar.

Minister Tudorel Toader van Justitie said on Monday that the decision to start the prosecutor general's assessment procedure is not clear, but is based on the observation that "after a while the public prosecution has gradually distanced itself from the constitutional role it has ".

"The decision to start the evaluation procedure did not come out of the blue or indirectly, I have observed over time how the Public Prosecution Department gradually distanced itself from the constitutional role it has." Criteria are those in the law, I will review and I will publish the results within a maximum of 30 days, just like in the past I will make an X-ray of the institution's work, "Minister of Justice Tudorel Toader said on Monday.

Tudorel Toader added that he did not receive the 2016 protocol from the Public Prosecutor, but only in 2009, contradicted General Attorney Augustin Lazar, who stated that he had informed the Ministry of Justice and the SCM of all protocols.

"On 20 March we received the protocol of 2009. Not received (Protocols of 2016, n.r.) (…) Let the Attorney General inform you," said Minister of Justice Tudorel Toader, according to Mediafax.

Toader stated that there is no conflict between him and Augustin Lazar and that this assessment falls within the "assessment logic".

"From my point of view there is no conflict, from my point of view, it goes into the logic of continuous evaluation, how training is continuous and evaluation is or can be continuous, so I do not expect and I can not say whether these conclusions will be negative or positive. Personally, I repeat, I see no conflict, if he sees it, let him develop it, "the Ministry of Justice pointed at the entrance to the ministry.

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