VIDEO / Two Romanians have studied in England, but have returned to the country with the application to pay bills for electricity, gas, telephony with one account

Adrian Cighi and Alexandru Popescu are co-founders of PAGO. The name comes from Pay (n.r. – pays) and Go (n.r.-go). The two started the application in February 2016 and in November the same year was publicly announced. Later, discussions with service providers and utilities took six months.

"It was an idea we talked about from time to time, with almost 85% of bill payments made in cash in 2015. That meant several hours a month at the counter," Adrian Cighi, co-founder of PAGO, told LIVE Freedom Interviews.

Now the app has 130,000 downloads and the explanation for this success is simple.

"Our application brings all these accounts to an application they are connected to.In short, you can later forget registration information on other sites.After that, we automatically send invoice invoices of all affiliated providers every month.All invoices can be displayed in one screen, in the order of expiry, with the payment amount, the expiry date and the invoice in electronic format, then you can pay one by one or all with one confirmation ", explains Adrian Cighi.

How safe is the application

Behind the screen of the phone or tablet is an established security infrastructure,

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