Wall of Masons recordings after DNA research: more than 2000 …

More than 2,000 Masons, mainly civil servants, withdrew from the "Grand National Lodge of Romania" Association (MLNR), where the rooms were activated, as announced by adevarul.ro, of the lawsuit filed by DNA prosecutors Oradea to the beginning of 2017, against the former head of the IPJ Bihor, the quaestor Liviu Popa, and the suspended judge Ovidiu Galea of ​​the court of Bihor.

"The dispatch of the two prosecutions has led to a large wave of masonry abstraction, according to sources there are more than 2000 members, mainly members of civil servant status," the source said, noting that civil servants have the obligation to include this quality in the declaration of interest. to be transferred.

Among those who left, city manager of Oradea, Dacian Palladi, confirmed that after 20 years he had renounced freemasonry.

"I made this decision from the desire to devote all my energy, attention and obedience to the service of Him who has all power in heaven and on earth, for whom all understanding and understanding is – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, at the same time I thank the Mason Brothers of the MLNR for all the wonderful years they have spent together, and I assure him of my entire consideration, "said Palladi for the quoted source.

It should be noted that in the spring of this year Palladi was heard as a witness in the case of Popa and Galea, he has been a member of the MLNR Association since 1998 and is a member of "Ţara Crişurilor" 162. According to the declaration of interest, which is on the site of the city hall of Oradea was placed in April of this year, Palladi did not state that he belonged to Masonry.

As is known, the former leader of the Bihor police, Quaestor Liviu Popa and Ovidiu Galea, now suspended by the court of Bihor, were indicted by DNA Oradea in early 2017, while the lawsuit was pending before the Court of Justice Bel Timisoara.

The two defendants are members of the Freemasonry Lodge of Crişuri Land in Oradea, accused of being falsified in statements in a case where several police officers within the BiH IPJ were charged with various acts of corruption.

Hidden Freemasons, Popa and Galea did not call themselves in the declaration of interests, although they were bound by law.

Hidden Freemasons

Specifically, the telephone interception, the testimonies of other Freemasons and the documents forwarded to the prosecutors by the "Grand Lodge of Romania" Association show that the two members of the Land of Crişuri Lodge were members.

Popa was a freemason in 2007 and in 2009 received the Mason Mason degree. He actually led the Loja "Land of the Criss" in 2015-2016 when he held the position of Rev. Master. In none of the declarations of interest filed in the 2008-2016 period, Popa did not state that he belonged to Freemasonry.

Galea in turn, in 2014, "The oath of the student" have submitted. He swore solemnly to the Three Great Lights of Universal Freemasonry to obey the provisions of the Constitution and the General Regulation of the MLNR and to defend the "honor and life of all Brothers and, as far as I can, to protect them in all circumstances. to assist."

According to the Masonic Fiche, which contains the photo of the magistrate, his identification, profession, function, education, professional experience, masonic activity, Galea was recommended by Popa and the businessman Ioan Mintaş, criminally investigated and searched by the police of IPJ Bihor, in the subordination of Popa. In fact, the two were the "Freemasons-Nostars & # 39; of the Judge of the Penalty Department, according to masonic procedures.

In none of the declarations of interest filed between 2008 and 2016, Galea has given up the membership of Freemasonry as required by law. Moreover, in the case of magistrates, the Supreme Court of Magistracy has determined that "judges and prosecutors have the duty to supplement their membership of associations, foundations or other non-governmental organizations, including Freemasons, in the context of the declaration of interests as referred to in Article 5 2 of Act No 303/2004 on the status of judges and prosecutors ".

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