We are launching the invitation to create a political pool …

PMP president Eugen Tomac said Thursday at a press conference in Cluj that opposition parties should make an anti-PSD post referring to the party he leads, PNL and USR.

"The way the PSD today leads us to let the opposition party look at the country's prospects with lucidity and I think we should actively participate in Cluj and in the country as a whole – this is our invitation – to create an anti-PSD policy pool at national level We see no other solution, because the only formula with which Romanians can actually see a new alternative is to create this anti-PSD political pool, at least in a first phase composed of parliamentary parties that are opposed to PSD, "said Eugen Tomac.

He also said in the press conference that August 10 must not be overlooked and that government agencies must find out who sent the provocateurs to the Victory Square during the diaspora rally and claimed that the PSD "the interest" for that action in to bring danger.

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