We take ADIO of HALOGEN lamps. The EU ban came into force through the IERI

The ban is intended for standard halogen lamps, such as pearls, but does not include special types such as spotlights and light bulbs that can be found in desk lamps and projectors.

The ban would start two years ago, but was postponed until this year to give consumers more time to switch to LEDs.

You will wonder why prohibiting halogen lamps

Firstly, they were neither ecological nor economical, and LED lamps are the alternative to halogen lamps because they "last five to ten times longer than halogen lamps and use much less energy, which provides significant savings," said the European Commission, quoted by Euronews.

An EU study showed that switching from a halogen lamp to LED would save around € 115 in the lifetime of the lamp. According to the European Commission, replacing conventional LED lamps would result in a significant reduction of waste, because consumers need fewer lamps for one year. For example, Australia has also planned to ban the sale of halogen lamps by 2020.

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