"We went together." New statements about the relationship he has with the presenter

Bianca Dragusanu and Victor Slav keep their promise shortly after, mid June, CANCAN.RO, sitenr. 1 in Romania announced that the two decided to live on separate roads. It is about being friends for their daughter, Sofia Natalia, who will always be in the first place, no matter what happens to her relationship. For example, the two former spouses have become the last excellent partners and have even been on holiday together in Deva, to the parents of the star.

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Bianca Dragusanu and Victor Slav, on holiday in Deva to the parents of the star

The two parents went to Deva where their daughter was. Little Sofia spent a mini-holiday with her maternal grandmother, picking blueberries and blackberries. In an interview, the former presenter emphasized that she and Victor Slav had no fun, but to be parents for their beautiful little girl – to see them together from time to time. By the way, we remind you that a week ago the two went to a luxury swimming pool together with Sofia.

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"I did not have fun, as I could understand, but we went together to Deva to take our grandparent's grandmother, our little girl spent two weeks there, picking cranberries and blackberries, as it happens in the summer. find it normal to do this, we are civilized people! We both love our baby very much and try as much as possible to grow together, it is of course ", Said Bianca Drăguşanu WOWbiz.ro.

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How are Bianca Dragusanu and Victor Slav by their daughter?

At one point the star revealed how Little Sofia tells her, but also how she calls her father Victor Slav. Blonde also said about the former husband that she is a special father who has a perfect relationship with his daughter.

"I am happy that I have more time for myself and Sofia, I love her very much and I feel my soul break when I leave home and she holds me the dress and says: "Do not bake, mama …, bank, not pec …". That is what she says to me: "Bank", not "Bianca". Then when "Daddy Vantur" comes in, he tells him, not Victor, he prays the same thing with her big eyes … "Dad, not the baker, not the baker!" You will not even leave it. It's great, and you and I really care about it "said the ex-TV presenter.

Bianca Dragusanu was married to Victor Slav, but they parted


Bianca Dragusanu was born on 6 March 1982 in Hunedoara. The star and Victor Slav became civil on September 6, 2013 at Sectro 3 in Bucharest. The wedding took place on 29 September 2013 and the natives were Nicoleta Luciu and her husband Zsolt Csergo. A few months after they became husband and wife in 2014, they are unfortunately separated.

Then they resumed their relationship secretly, after which the blonde publicly did everything. Bianca Dragusanu gave a daughter to Victor Slav. Sofia Natalia came to the world on September 26, 2016. She also has a sewing workshop, from which I release fashion masterpieces. At the end of July the star worked with Kanal D, so he will stop showing "I want you next to me". Andreea Mantea came to the helm of the show.

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